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Journal Article
Mohsina, K and Ratkowsky, DA and Bowman, JP and Powell, S and Kaur, M and Tamplin, ML, Effect of glucose, pH and lactic acid on Carnobacterium maltaromaticum, Brochothrix thermosphacta and Serratia liquefaciens within a commercial heat-shrunk vacuum-package film, Food Microbiology, 91 Article 103515. ISSN 0740-0020 (2020) [Refereed Article] 
Mohsina, K and Kaur, M and Bowman, JP and Powell, S and Tamplin, ML, qPCR quantification of Carnobacterium maltaromaticum, Brochothrix thermosphacta, and Serratia liquefaciens growth kinetics in mixed culture, Journal of Microbiological Methods, 175 Article 105961. ISSN 0167-7012 (2020) [Refereed Article] 

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