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Journal Article
Barker, SLL and Dipple, GM and Dong, F and Baer, DS, Use of laser spectroscopy to measure the 13C/12C and 18O/16O compositions of carbonate minerals, Analytical Chemistry, 83, (6) pp. 2220-2226. ISSN 0974-7419 (2011) [Refereed Article]
Barker, SLL and Palin, M and Sibson, RH and FitzGerald, JD and Reddy, S and Warr, LN and van der Pluijm, BA, Cretaceous age, composition, and microstructure of pseudotachylyte in the Otago Schist, New Zealand, New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics, 53, (1) pp. 15-29. ISSN 0028-8306 (2010) [Refereed Article]
Barker, SLL and Cox, SF, Oscillatory zoning and trace element incorporation in hydrothermal minerals: insights from calcite growth experiments, Geofluids, 11, (1) pp. 48-56. ISSN 1468-8115 (2010) [Refereed Article]
Barker, SL and Bennett, VC and Cox, SF and Norman, MD and Gagan, MK, Sm-Nd, Sr, C and O isotope systematics in hydrothermal calcite-fluorite veins: Implications for fluid-rock reaction and geochronology, Chemical Geology, 268, (1-2) pp. 58-66. ISSN 0009-2541 (2009) [Refereed Article] 
Barker, SLL and Hickey, KA and Cline, JS and Dipple, GM and Kilburn, MR and Vaughan, JR and Longo, AA, Uncloaking invisible gold: use of nanosims to evaluate gold, trace elements, and sulfur isotopes in pyrite from Carlin-type gold deposits, Economic Geology, 104 pp. 897-904. ISSN 0361-0128 (2009) [Refereed Article]
Barker, SLL and Cox, SF and Eggins, SM and Gagan, MK, Microchemical evidence for episodic growth of antitaxial veins during fracture-controlled fluid flow, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 250, (1-2) pp. 331-344. ISSN 0012-821X (2006) [Refereed Article]
Barker, SLL, Pseudotachylyte-generating faults in Central Otago, New Zealand, Tectonophysics, 397, (3-4) pp. 211-223. ISSN 0040-1951 (2005) [Refereed Article] 
Nutman, AP and Friend, CRL and Barker, SLL and McGregor, VR, Inventory and assessment of Palaeoarchaean gneiss terrains and detrital zircons in southern West Greenland, Precambrian Research, 135 pp. 281-314. ISSN 0301-9268 (2004) [Refereed Article]
Barker, SLL and Kim, JP and Craw, D and Frew, RD and Hunter, KA, Processes affecting the chemical composition of Blue Lake, an alluvial gold-mine pit lake in New Zealand, Marine and Freshwater Research, 55 pp. 1-11. ISSN 1323-1650 (2004) [Refereed Article]
Chapter in Book
Barker, SLL and Cox, SF, Evolution of fluid chemistry and fluid-flow pathways during folding and faulting: an example from Taemas, NSW, Australia, Geology of the Earthquake Source: A Volume in Honour of Rick Sibson, The Geological Society, A Fagereng, VG Toy, JV Rowland (ed), United Kingdom ISBN 9781862396074 (2011) [Research Book Chapter]

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