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Journal Article
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Kelly, R and Pecl, GT and Fleming, A, Social licence in the marine sector: A review of understanding and application, Marine Policy, 81 pp. 21-28. ISSN 0308-597X (2017) [Refereed Article] 
Chapter in Book
Thys, TM and Nyegaard, M and Whitney, JL and Ryan, JP and Potter, I and Nakatsubo, T and Freese, M and Hellenbrecht, LM and Kelly, R and Tsukamoto, K and Shinohara, G and Mowatt-Larssen, T and Kubicek, L, Ocean Sunfish Larvae: Detections, Identification and Predation, The Ocean Sunfishes Evolution, Biology and Conservation, CRC Press, TM Thys, GC Hays and JDR Houghton (ed), United Kingdom, pp. 105-128. ISBN 9780367359744 (2021) [Research Book Chapter] 
Kelly, R and Elsler, LG and Polejack, A and van der Linden, S and Tonnesson, K and Schoedinger, SE and Santoro, F and Pecl, GT and Palmgren, M and Mariani, P and Glithero, D and Evans, K and Cvitanovic, C and Cook, J and Bartram, J and Wisz, MS, Empowering young people with climate and ocean science: five strategies for adults to consider, One Earth, 5, (8) pp. 861-874. ISSN 2590-3330 (2022) [Other Review]
Kelly, R and Foley, P and Stephenson, RL and Hobday, AJ and Pecl, GT and Boschetti, F and Cvitanovic, C and Fleming, A and Fulton, EA and Nash, KL and Neis, B and Singh, GG and van Putten, EI, Foresighting future oceans: considerations and opportunities, Marine Policy, 140, (105021) pp. 1-12. ISSN 0308-597X (2022) [Substantial Review]
Other Public Output
Beasy, K and Lucas, C and Mocatta, G and Pecl, GT and Kelly, Rachel, How well does the new Australian curriculum prepare young people for climate change?, The Conversation, The Conversation Media Group Ltd, Australia, 23 May 2022 (2022) [Newspaper Article]

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