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Journal Article
Baker, GB and Candy, S and Robinson, S and Friend, JA and Holdsworth, M and Jensz, K and Page, M and Algar, D, Effectiveness of dogs for detecting feral cat scats in wheatbelt reserves of Western Australia, Wildlife Research, 48, (8) pp. 690-700. ISSN 1035-3712 (2021) [Refereed Article]
Robinson, SA and Baker, GB and Barclay, C, Controlling the rainbow lorikeet in Tasmania: is it too late?, Emu, 120, (4) pp. 286-294. ISSN 0158-4197 (2020) [Refereed Article] 
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Good, SD and Baker, GB and Gummery, M and Votier, SC and Phillips, RA, National Plans of Action (NPOAs) for reducing seabird bycatch: developing best practice for assessing and managing fisheries impacts, Biological Conservation, 247 Article 108592. ISSN 0006-3207 (2020) [Refereed Article]
Waugh, SM and Barbraud, C and Delord, K and Simister, KLJ and Baker, GB and Hedley, GK and Wilson, KJ and Rands, DRD, Trends in density, abundance, and response to storm damage for westland petrels Procellaria westlandica, 2007-2019, Marine Ornithology, 48, (2) pp. 273-281. ISSN 1018-3337 (2020) [Refereed Article]
Garnett, ST and Butchart, SHM and Baker, GB and Bayraktarov, E and Buchanan, KL and Burbidge, AA and Chauvenet, ALM and Christidis, L and Ehmke, G and Grace, M and Hoccom, DG and Legge, SM and Leiper, I and Lindenmayer, DB and Loyn, RH and Maron, M and McDonald, P and Menkhorst, P and Possingham, HP and Radford, J and Reside, AE and Watson, DM and Watson, JEM and Wintle, B and Woinarski, JCZ and Geyle, HM, Metrics of progress in the understanding and management of threats to Australian birds, Conservation Biology, 33, (2) pp. 456-468. ISSN 0888-8892 (2019) [Refereed Article] 
Hamilton, S and Baker, GB, Population growth of an endangered pinniped - the New Zealand sea lion (Phocarctos hookeri) - is limited more by high pup mortality than fisheries bycatch, ICES Journal of Marine Science, 76, (6) pp. 1794-1806. ISSN 1054-3139 (2019) [Refereed Article] 
Hamilton, S and Baker, GB, Technical mitigation to reduce marine mammal bycatch and entanglement in commercial fishing gear: lessons learnt and future directions, Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries, 29, (2) pp. 223-247. ISSN 0960-3166 (2019) [Refereed Article] 
Hanamseth, R and Baker, GB and Sherwen, S and Hindell, MA and Lea, MA, Assessing the importance of net colour as a seabird bycatch mitigation measure in gillnet fishing, Aquatic Conservation, 28, (1) pp. 175-181. ISSN 1052-7613 (2018) [Refereed Article] 
Roberts, J and Childerhouse, S and Roe, W and Baker, GB and Hamilton, SA, No evidence of cryptic bycatch causing New Zealand sea lion population decline, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of The United States of America, 115, (36) pp. E8330-E8331. ISSN 0027-8424 (2018) [Letter or Note in Journal] 
Geyle, HM and Woinarski, JCZ and Baker, GB and Dickman, CR and Dutson, G and Fisher, DO and Ford, H and Holdsworth, M and Jones, ME and Kutt, A and Legge, S and Leiper, I and Loyn, R and Murphy, BP and Menkhorst, P and Reside, AE and Ritchie, EG and Roberts, FE and Tingley, R and Garnett, ST, Quantifying extinction risk and forecasting the number of impending Australian bird and mammal extinctions, Pacific Conservation Biology, 24, (2) pp. 157-167. ISSN 1038-2097 (2018) [Refereed Article]
Hamilton, S and Baker, GB, Current bycatch levels in Auckland Islands trawl fisheries unlikely to be driving New Zealand sea lion (Phocarctos hookeri) population decline, Aquatic Conservation, 26, (1) pp. 121-133. ISSN 1052-7613 (2016) [Refereed Article] 
Hamilton, S and Baker, GB, Current bycatch levels in Auckland Islands trawl fisheries unlikely to be driving New Zealand sea lion (Phocarctos hookeri) population decline: reply to Meyer et al. (2015), Aquatic Conservation, 26, (2) pp. 233-235. ISSN 1052-7613 (2016) [Letter or Note in Journal]
Phillips, RA and Gales, R and Baker, GB and Double, MC and Favero, M and Quintana, F and Tasker, ML and Weimerskirch, H and Uhart, M and Wolfaardt, A, The conservation status and priorities for albatrosses and large petrels, Biological Conservation, 201 pp. 169-183. ISSN 0006-3207 (2016) [Refereed Article] 
Sommerfeld, J and Stokes, T and Baker, GB, Breeding success, mate-fidelity and nest-site fidelity in red-tailed tropicbirds (Phaethon rubricauda) on Christmas Island, Indian Ocean, Emu, 115, (3) pp. 214-222. ISSN 0158-4197 (2015) [Refereed Article] 
Chilvers, BL and Baker, GB and Hiscock, JA and McClelland, PJ and Holdsworth, M and Jensz, K, Comparison of breeding population survey methods for the Auckland Island shag (Phalacrocorax colensoi), Polar Biology, 38, (11) pp. 1847-1852. ISSN 0722-4060 (2015) [Refereed Article] 
Waugh, SM and Barbraud, C and Adams, L and Freeman, AND and Wilson, KJ and Wood, G and Landers, TJ and Baker, GB, Modeling the demography and population dynamics of a subtropical seabird, and the influence of environmental factors, Condor, 117, (2) pp. 147-164. ISSN 0010-5422 (2015) [Refereed Article]
Hamilton, S and Baker, GB, Review of research and assessments on the efficacy of Sea Lion Exclusion Devices in reducing the incidental mortality of New Zealand sea lions Phocarctos hookeri in the Auckland Islands squid trawl fishery: Reply to Robertson (2015), Fisheries Research, 165 pp. 130-132. ISSN 0165-7836 (2015) [Letter or Note in Journal]
Hamilton, S and Baker, GB, Review of research and assessments on the efficacy of sea lion exclusion devices in reducing the incidental mortality of New Zealand sea lions Phocarctos hookeri in the Auckland Islands squid trawl fishery, Fisheries Research, 161 pp. 200-206. ISSN 0165-7836 (2015) [Refereed Article] 
Dann, P and Sidhu, LA and Jessop, R and Renwick, L and Healy, M and Dettmann, B and Baker, B and Catchpole, EA, Effects of flipper bands and injected transponders on the survival of adult Little Penguins Eudyptula minor, Ibis, 156, (1) pp. 73-83. ISSN 0019-1019 (2014) [Refereed Article]
Peters, A and Patterson, EI and Baker, BGB and Holdsworth, M and Sarker, S and Ghorashi, SA and Raidal, SR, Evidence of psittacine beak and feather disease virus spillover into wild critically endangered orange-bellied parrots (Neophema chrysogaster), Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 50, (2) pp. 288-296. ISSN 0090-3558 (2014) [Refereed Article]
Sarker, S and Patterson, EI and Peters, A and Baker, GB and Forwood, JK and Ghorashi, SA and Holdsworth, M and Baker, R and Murray, N and Raidal, SR, Mutability dynamics of an emergent single stranded DNA Virus in a naïve host, PLoS ONE, 9, (1) Article e85370. ISSN 1932-6203 (2014) [Refereed Article]
Holdsworth, M and Dettmann, B and Baker, GB, Survival in the orange-bellied parrot (Neophema chrysogaster), Emu: Austral Ornithology, 111, (3) pp. 222-228. ISSN 0158-4197 (2011) [Refereed Article]
Trebilco, R and Gales, R and Lawrence, E and Alderman, R and Robertson, G and Baker, GB, Characterizing seabird bycatch in the eastern Australian tuna and billfish pelagic longline fishery in relation to temporal, spatial and biological influences, Aquatic Conservation, 20, (5) pp. 531-542. ISSN 1099-0755 (2010) [Refereed Article] 
Thalmann, SJ and Baker, B and Hindell, MA and Tuck, GN, Longline fisheries and foraging distribution of flesh-footed shearwaters in eastern Australia, Journal of Wildlife Management, 73, (3) pp. 399-406. ISSN 0022-541X (2009) [Refereed Article] 
Trebilco, R and Gales, R and Baker, GB and Terauds, A and Sumner, MD, At sea movement of Macquarie Island giant petrels: Relationships with marine protected areas and regional fisheries management organisations, Biological Conservation, 141, (12) pp. 2942-2958. ISSN 0006-3207 (2008) [Refereed Article]
Waugh, SM and Baker, B and Gales, R and Croxall, JP, CCAMLR process of risk assessment to minimise the effects of longline fishing mortality on seabirds, Marine Policy, 32, (3) pp. 442-454. ISSN 0308-597X (2008) [Refereed Article]
Thalmann, SJ and Baker, GB and Hindell, MA and Double, MC and Gales, R, Using biometric measurements to determine gender of Flesh-footed Shearwaters, and their application as a tool in long-line by-catch management and ecological field studies, Emu, 107, (3) pp. 231-238. ISSN 0158-4197 (2007) [Refereed Article] 
Chapter in Book
Congon, BC and Erwin, CA and Peck, DR and Baker, B and Double, MC and O'Neill, P, Vulnerability of seabirds on the Great Barrier Reef to climate change, Climate Change and the Great Barrier Reef: A Vulnerability Assessment, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Townvsille, Australia and the Australian Greenhouse Office, in the Department of the Environment and Water Resources, JE Johnson and PA Marshall (ed), Townsville, pp. 428-463. ISBN 9781876945619 (2007) [Research Book Chapter] 

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