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Author: Yokoyama, T (Dr Takashi Yokoyama)

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Journal Article
Yokoyama, T and Macka, M and Haddad, PR, Determination of association constants of inorganic ions with C-12- and C-14-alkyldimethylammoniopropane sulfonate zwitterionic surfactants using capillary electrochromatography, Analytica Chimica Acta, 442, (2) pp. 221-230. ISSN 0003-2670 (2001) [Refereed Article] 
Yokoyama, T and Macka, M and Haddad, PR, Modification of the electroosmotic flow and separation selectivity of anions in electrochromatography with pseudo-stationary phases of C-14-alkyldimethylammoniopropane sulfonate zwitterionic surfactants by addition of salts to the background electrolyte, Fresenius Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 371, (4) pp. 502-506. ISSN 0937-0633 (2001) [Refereed Article] 
Yokoyama, T and Tsuji, H and Zenki, M, Capillary electrophoretic dtermination of coordination equilibrium constants of carboxylate ions with copper(II) complexed with sevral bis(1,10-phenanthroline) derivatives and bis(bipyridine), Anal Chim Acta, 409, (1-2) pp. 55-64. ISSN 0003-2670 (2000) [Refereed Article] 
Zenki, M and Nakakita, Y and Komatsu, A and Yokoyama, T, Closed-loop flow-injection analysis for the determination of a strong acid and base using an acetate buffer solution and methyl orange, Bunseki Kagaku, 49, (2) pp. 121-124. ISSN 0525-1931 (2000) [Refereed Article] 

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