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Journal Article
Chen, J and Lin, F-L and Leung, JYK and Tu, L and Wang, J-H and Chuang, Y-F and Li, F and Shen, H-H and Dusting, GJ and Wong, VHY and Lisowski, L and Hewitt, AW and Bui, BV and Zhong, J and Liu, G-S, A drug-tunable Flt23k gene therapy for controlled intervention in retinal neovascularization, Angiogenesis, 24, (1) pp. 97-110. ISSN 0969-6970 (2020) [Refereed Article] 
Li, F and Wing, K and Wang, J-H and Luu, CD and Bender, JA and Chen, J and Wang, Q and Lu, Q and Nguyen Tran, MP and Young, KM and Wong, RCB and Pebay, A and Cook, AL and Hung, SSC and Liu, G-S and Hewitt, AW, Comparison of CRISPR/Cas endonucleases for in vivo retinal gene editing, Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, 14 Article 570917. ISSN 1662-5102 (2020) [Refereed Article]
Li, F and Hung, SSC and Mohd Khalid, MKN and Wang, J-H and Chrysostomou, V and Wong, VHY and Singh, V and Wing, K and Tu, L and Bender, JA and Pebay, A and King, AE and Cook, AL and Wong, RCB and Bui, BV and Hewitt, AW and Liu, G-S, Utility of self-destructing CRISPR/Cas constructs for targeted gene editing in the retina, Human Gene Therapy, 30, (11) pp. 1349-1360. ISSN 1043-0342 (2019) [Refereed Article] 
Lee, JH and Wang, J-H and Chen, J and Li, F and Edwards, TL and Hewitt, AW and Liu, G-S, Gene therapy for visual loss: opportunities and concerns, Progress in Retinal and Eye Research, 68 pp. 31-53. ISSN 1350-9462 (2018) [Refereed Article] 
Crombie, DE and Daniszewski, M and Liang, HH and Kulkarni, T and Li, F and Lidgerwood, GE and Conquest, A and Hernandez, D and Hung, SS and Gill, KP and De Smit, E and Kearns, LS and Clarke, L and Sluch, VM and Chamling, X and Zack, DJ and Wong, RCB and Hewitt, AW and Pebay, A, Development of a modular automated system for maintenance and differentiation of adherent human pluripotent stem cells, SLAS Discovery, 22, (8) pp. 1016-1025. ISSN 2472-5552 (2017) [Refereed Article] 
McCaughey, T and Sanfilippo, PG and Gooden, GEC and Budden, DM and Li, F and Fenwick, E and Rees, G and MacGregor, C and Si, L and Chen, C and Liang, HH and Baldwin, T and Pebay, A and Hewitt, AW, A global social media survey of attitudes to human genome editing, Cell Stem Cell, 18, (5) pp. 569-572. ISSN 1934-5909 (2016) [Refereed Article] 
Hung, SSC and Chrysostomou, V and Li, F and Lim, JKH and Wang, J-H and Powell, JE and Tu, L and Daniszewski, M and Lo, C and Wong, RC and Crowston, JG and Pebay, A and King, AE and Bui, BV and Liu, G-S and Hewitt, AW, AAV-mediated CRISPR/Cas gene editing of retinal cells in vivo, Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 57, (7) pp. 3470-3476. ISSN 1552-5783 (2016) [Refereed Article]
Chapter in Book
Hung, SS and Li, F and Wang, J-H and King, AE and Bui, BV and Liu, G, Methods for In Vivo CRISPR/Cas Editing of the Adult Murine Retina, Retinal Gene Therapy: Methods and Protocols, Humana Press, CJF Boon, J Wijnholds (ed), United States, pp. 113-133. ISBN 978-1-4939-7521-1 (2018) [Other Book Chapter] 

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