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Journal Article
Workman, A and Johnston, FH and Campbell, SL and Williamson, G and Lucani, C and Bowman, DMJS and Cooling, N and Jones, P, Evaluating user preferences, comprehension, and trust in Apps for environmental health hazards: Qualitative case study, JMIR Formative Research, 6, (12) pp. 1-15. ISSN 2561-326X (2022) [Refereed Article]
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Jones, PJ and Furlaud, JM and Williamson, GJ and Johnston, FH and Bowman, DMJS, Smoke pollution must be part of the savanna fire management equation: A case study from Darwin, Australia, Ambio, 51 pp. 2214-2226. ISSN 0044-7447 (2022) [Refereed Article]
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Campbell, SL and Jones, PJ and Williamson, GJ and Wheeler, AJ and Lucani, C and Bowman, DMJS and Johnston, FH, Using digital technology to protect health in prolonged poor air quality episodes: a case study of the AirRater App during the Australian 2019-20 fires, Fire, 3, (3) Article 40. ISSN 2571-6255 (2020) [Refereed Article]
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Bowman, DMJS and Jones, PJ, RE: Australian state forecasts deadly thunderstorm asthma, Science, 359, (6374) pp. 380 [online eLetters tab]. ISSN 0036-8075 (2018) [Letter or Note in Journal]
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Jones, PJ and Thomas, I and Fletcher, M-S, Long-term environmental change in eastern Tasmania: vegetation, climate and fire at Stoney Lagoon, Holocene, 27, (9) pp. 1340-1349. ISSN 0959-6836 (2017) [Refereed Article] 
Liu, X and Lister, DL and Zhao, Z and Staff, RA and Jones, PJ and Zhou, L and Pokharia, AK and Petrie, CA and Pathak, A and Lu, H and Matuzeviciute, GM and Bates, J and Pilgram, TK and Jones, MK, The virtues of small grain size: Potential pathways to a distinguishing feature of Asian wheats, Quaternary International, 426 pp. 107-119. ISSN 1040-6182 (2016) [Refereed Article] 
Beggs, PJ and Davies, JM and Milic, A and Haberle, SG and Johnston, F and Jones, PJ and Katelaris, CH and Newbigin, E, Australian airborne pollen and spore monitoring network interim standard and protocols, pp. 1-77. (2018) [Authored Other Book]
Chapter in Book
Flies, E and Jones, PJ and Marsh, P and Jeffery, E and Allegretto, G and Kendal, DJ, Managing Urban Green Spaces for Biodiversity and Health: Systems Thinking from a Regional Australian City on Synergies, Trade-Offs and Enablers, Urban Health and Wellbeing Programme : Policy Briefs Volume 3, Springer Singapore, FW Gatzweiler (ed), Singapore, pp. 65-71. ISBN 9789811925221 (2022) [Research Book Chapter] 
Lightfoot, E and Liu, X and Jones, PJ, A World of C4 Pathways: On the Use of δ13C Values to Identify the Consumption of C4 Plants in the Archaeological Record, Far from the Hearth: Essays in Honour of Martin K. Jones, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, E Lightfoot, X Liu, DQ Fuller (ed), Cambridge, United Kingdom, pp. 165-176. ISBN 978-1-902937-87-8 (2018) [Research Book Chapter]
Conference Publication
Flies, E and Wood, G and Jones, P, Impactful education for sustainability through research and a community of practice, Australian Association for Sustainability in Higher Education, 18 Oct 2022, Virtual (2022) [Conference Extract]
Flies, E and Jones, Penelope and Wood, G, Overcoming education for sustainability obstacles through a community of practice, Future of Sustainability International Conference, 2022, Australia (2022) [Conference Extract]
Flies, EJ and Jones, P and Kelder, JC, Can experiential online learning support sustainability and wellbeing, University of Tasmania Teaching Matters Annual Conference 2021, November 2021, Tasmania, Australia (2021) [Conference Extract]
Flies, E and Jones, P, How has urbanisation impacted microbial biodiversity, human health and urban ecosystem services?, Ecological Society of Australia Annual Conference 2021, 22-26 November 2021, Australia (2021) [Conference Extract] 
Jones, P and Flies, E and Kelder, JC, Research in progress: Can pro-environmental shifts in attitudes and sustainability behaviours be achieved through online curricula, International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Annual Conference 2021, 26-29 October 2021, Perth, Western Australia (2021) [Conference Extract]
Jones, PJ and Petrie, CA and O'Connell, TC and Jones, MK, Investigating adaptation to climate change in the archaeological record: a conceptual framework and an isotopic approach in the Indus Civilisation, Dev Publishers, Delhi, pp. 1-15. (2019) [Conference Edited]
Johnston, F and Wheeler, A and Williamson, G and Jones, P and Koolhof, IS, AirRater Tasmania: Using smartphone technology to understand local environmental drivers of symptoms in people with asthma and allergic rhinitis, Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 141 (2) Article AB84. ISSN 0091-6749 (2018) [Conference Extract]
Contract Report, Consultant's Report
Kendal, D and Flies, E and Marsh, P and Jones, P and Threlfall, C and Egerer, M and Jones, M and Anders, R and Collie, N and Kaplan, H and Nguyen, HKD and Allegretto, G and Harvey, B and Burnett, H and Hunter, B and Jeffery, E and Conomikes, M and Hickey, J and Wilson, A and Curran, B and Allingham, D and Coombe, A and Campbell, M and Quinn, L and Reed, M and Mitchell, I and Riviere, R, Managing Urban Landscapes for Biodiversity Conservation and Human Health, Healthy Landscapes Research Group, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania (2019) [Contract Report]
Other Creative Work
Pirrie, S and Lyon, S and Jackett, A and Jones, PJ, Waiting for Water: Exhibition Catalogue, 4-26 August, Nan Giese Gallery (Darwin), Watch this Space (Alice Springs) and Pumphouse Point (Tasmania), 2016 Darwin Festival, Darwin, Australia (2016) [Catalogue]
Jones, PJ, Climate change, water stress and agriculture in the Indus Civilisation, 3000-1500 BC (2018) [PhD]

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