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Journal Article
Nielsen, HE and Arpi, BA and McGee, JS and Haward, MG, All Eyes On Antarctica: ATCM XLIV, Australian Outlook, (25 May) pp. 1-4. ISSN 0004-9913 (2022) [Non Refereed Article]
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Nielsen, H and Philpott, C, The Polar Journal, 8, (1) ISSN 2154-896X (2018) [Edited Journal]
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Nielsen, HEF, Hoofprints in Antarctica: Byrd, media, and the golden Guernseys, Polar Journal, 6, (2) pp. 342-357. ISSN 2154-896X (2016) [Refereed Article] 
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Chapter in Book
Roldan, G and Nielsen, H, Antarcticness at the ends of the world, Antarcticness: Inspirations and imaginaries, UCL Press, I Kelman (ed), London, pp. 31-59. ISBN 9781800081468 (2022) [Research Book Chapter]
Nielsen, H, Fictional Representations of Antarctic Tourism and Climate Change: To the Ends of the World, Postcolonial Literatures of Climate Change, Brill, R McDougall, J Ryan and P Reynolds (ed), Leiden, pp. 334-360. ISBN 9789004514171 (2022) [Research Book Chapter]
Nielsen, H, Identifying with Antarctica in the Ecocultural Imaginary, Routledge Handbook of Ecocultural Identity, Routledge, T Milstein and J Castro-Sotomayor (ed), Abingdon, pp. 1-33. ISBN 9781138478411 (2020) [Research Book Chapter] 
Nielsen, HEF, Staging the Construction of Place in Two Antarctic Plays, Performing Ice, Palgrave Macmillan, M Delbridge, E Leane and CJ Philpott (ed), London, pp. 27-54. ISBN 9783030473877 (2020) [Research Book Chapter] 
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Nielsen, H, Book review of 'Toward Antarctica: An Exploration', The Polar Journal, 9, (2) pp. 462-464. ISSN 2154-896X (2019) [Review Single Work]
Nielsen, HE, Class and Colonialism in Antarctic Exploration: 1750-1920, by Ben Maddison, The Polar Journal, 5, (2) (2015) [Review Single Work] 
Conference Publication
Nash, M and Nielsen, H, Gendered power relations and sexual harassment in Antarctic science and remote fieldwork in the age of #MeToo, Proceedings of Gender and Sexuality at Work: A Multidisciplinary Research and Engagement Conference, 18 February 2020, University of Melbourne, pp. 54-58. (2020) [Refereed Conference Paper]
Other Public Output
Nielsen, HE, Discovery of the Endurance shipwreck in Antarctica, 2SER 107.3, Sydney, 17 March (2022) [Media Interview]
Nielsen, HE and Cajiao, D and Roldan, G and Benayas, J and Herbert, A and Leung, Y-F and Tejedo, P and Dicina, V, Is COVID-19 helping or hindering effective management of Antarctic tourism?, Polar Perspectives, Polar Institute, Washington, DC, 10, March (2022) [Report Other]
Nielsen, HE and Mackintosh, A, Research shows human carbon footprint on Antarctica: interview with Annie Guest, ABC Radio AM program, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australia, 23 February (2022) [Media Interview]
Nielsen, HE, and the SCAR Author Group Members, SCAR Tourism Action Group (Ant-TAG), Agenda Item ATCM 17, Secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty, XLIV Consultative Meeting, Berlin, IP 75, 22 April (2022) [Report Other]
Janssen, AR and Badhe, R and Bransome, NC and Bricher, P and Cavanagh, R and De Bruin, T and Elshout, P and Grant, S and Griggin, E and Grilly, E and Henley, S and Hofmann, EE and Johnston, NM and Karentz, D and Kent, R and Lynnes, A and Martin, T and Miloslavich, P and Murphy, E and Nolan, JE and Sikes, E and Sparrow, M and Tacoma, M and Williams, MJM and Arata, JA and Bowman, J and Corney, S and Lau, SCY and Manno, C and Mohan, R and Nielsen, H and van Leeuwe, MA and Waller, C and Xavier, JC and Van de Putte, AP, Southern Ocean Action Plan 2021-2030: In support of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2022) [Report Other]
Nielsen, HE, The scientist meets the tour operator (#162), Think Sustainability, Megaphone, 2SER (2022) [Media Interview]
Nielsen, HE, Radio interview, Your Afternoon with Paul McIntyre, ABC Radio 936, Hobart, Tasmania, 23 November (2020) [Media Interview]
Nash, M and Nielsen, H and Bax, N, The #MeToo Movement Faces Unique Hurdles: interview with Gina Rushton, BuzzFeed News, Australia (2020) [Media Interview]
Nielsen, H, 60 Years of the Antarctic Treaty: Interview with Ryk Goddard, Breakfast, ABC Local Radio, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Hobart, Tasmania, 24 September (2019) [Media Interview]
Nielsen, H and Liggett, D and Leane, E, Antarctic Protected Areas: A Humanities and Social Sciences Perspective, Workshop on Further Developing the Antarctica Protected Area System, Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, United Kingdom, 4 June, pp. 1-3. (2019) [Report Other]
Nielsen, H, Interview with John X, ABC Local Radio Breakfast Show, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Hobart, Monday 4 November (2019) [Media Interview]
Nielsen, H and Roldan, G, Our neighbour to the South: the Antarctic treaty, The Kiwi Diary, New Zealand, pp. 1-2. (2019) [Magazine Article]
Nielsen, HE, Tourism and Antarctica: Interview with Louise Saunders, Evenings, ABC Radio HOBART, Australia, 3 June (2019) [Media Interview]
Lorenzo, C and Roldan, G and Estenssoro, F and Nielsen, HE, Exploring Antarctica: how is a continent dedicated to peace and science governed?, La Lupa Magazine, Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnicas (CONICET) - Centro Austral de Investigaciones Cientificas (CADIC), Ushuaia, Argentina, 12 (2018) [Magazine Article]
Nielsen, H, International Women's Day Special on Challenges facing Women in Antarctica, Your Afternoon with Piia Wirsu, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Hobart, Tasmania, 8 March 2018 (2018) [Media Interview]
Nielsen, HE, Remembering Antarctica's nuclear past with Nukey Poo', The Conversation, The Conversation Trust, Melbourne, Australia, 23 July (2018) [Newspaper Article]
Nielsen, HEF and Leane, E, Cows in Antarctica? How one expedition milked them for all their worth, The Conversation, The Conversation Media Group Ltd, Australia, 14 August 2017 (2017) [Newspaper Article]
Nielsen, H, Towards the Incorporation of the Humanities and Social Sciences into Large Polar Research Projects: Workshop Report, European Polar Board, European Polar Board, Hobart, Tasmania, 7 July, pp. 1-21. (2017) [Report Other]
Ligget, D and Leane, E and Chaturvedi, S and Hemmings, A and Nielsen, HE and O'Reilly, J and Salazar, A and Shibata, A and Steel, G, Report on the SCAR Humanities and Social Sciences Expert Group (HASSEG), Excom Meeting, The International Council for Science, Tromso, Norway, pp. 1-12. (2015) [Report Other] 

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