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Journal Article
Thomas, Angela and To, V, Engaging children with Asian literature: stories from Tasmania, Practical Literacy: The Early and Primary Years, 25, (1) pp. 20-22. ISSN 2204-3667 (2020) [Non Refereed Article]
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Chapter in Book
Huynh, NT and Thomas, Angela and To, VT, East-Asian philosophical concepts as analytical framework for interpreting non-western images in children's picturebooks, Handbook of research on cultivating literacy in diverse and multilingual classrooms, IGI Global, Neokleous G, Krulatz A, Farrelly R (ed), United States ISBN 1799827224 (2020) [Research Book Chapter]
Harman, K and Thomas, A, Transporting Visitors into Tasmania's Convict Past, Tourism in Tasmania, Forty South Publishing Pty Ltd, CS Ooi and A Hardy (ed), Hobart, pp. 125-136. ISBN 9780648675761 (2019) [Research Book Chapter] 
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Thomas, AA, Fictional Blogs, Uses of Blogs, Peter Lang, Bruns, A & Jacobs, J (ed), New York, pp. 199-210. ISBN 0820481246 (2006) [Research Book Chapter]
Conference Publication
Thomas, A and To, V, Othering or inclusion? Teacher practice around Asian voices and identities in literature, ALEA National Conference, July 9 - 12, Melbourne (2019) [Conference Extract]
Huynh, NT and Thomas, A and To, VT, East Meets West? Identifying points of contestation when mediating understandings about Eastern picturebooks with children, 9th International Conference on Multimodality, 15-17 August 2018, University of Southern Denmark (2018) [Conference Extract]
To, VT and Thomas, D and Thomas, A, Grammatical metaphor for persuasion: A study of NAPLAN texts, ASFLA 2018, 26 - 28 September 2018, Adelaide, South Australia (2018) [Conference Extract]
Thomas, A and Thomas, DP and To, VT, The metaphors we teach by: A Cumulative and cohesive design for Bachelor of Education English education units, Program, Australian Systemic Functional Linguistics Association Conference, 27-29 September 2016, Sydney, Australia, pp. 39. (2016) [Conference Extract]
Thomas, D and Thomas, A, 'I rest my case': Linguistic resources used by successful young writers of persuasive texts, To Boldly Proceed: Proceedings of the 39th International Systemic Functional Congress, 16-20 July 2012, Sydney, Australia, pp. 69-74. ISBN 978-0-646-58257-3 (2012) [Refereed Conference Paper]
Chinthammit, W and Thomas, Angela, iFiction: mobile technology, new media, mixed reality and literary creativity in English teaching, IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality 2012 - Arts, Media and Humanities Proceedings, 5-8 November 2012, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, pp. 39-46. ISBN 978-1-4673-4664-1 (2012) [Refereed Conference Paper] 
Gregory, B and Gregory, S and Wood, D and Masters, Y and Hillier, M and Stokes-Thompson, F and Bogdanovych, A and Butler, D and Hay, L and Jegathesan, JJ and Flintoff, K and Schutt, S and Linegar, D and Alderton, R and Cram, A and Stupans, I and McKeown Orwin, L and Meredith, G and McCormick, D and Collins, F and Grenfell, J and Zagami, J and Ellis, A and Jacka, L and Campbell, J and Larson, I and Fluck, A and Thomas, Angela and Farley, H and Muldoon, N and Abbas, A and Sinnappan, S and Neville, K and Burnett, I and Aitken, A and Simoff, S and Scutter, S and Wang, X and Souter, K and Ellis, D and Salomon, M and Wadley, G and Jacobson, M and Newstead, A and Hayes, G and Grant, S and Yusupova, A, How are Australian higher education institutions contributing to change through innovative teaching and learning in virtual worlds?, Ascilite 2011: Changing Demands, Changing Directions - Proceedings, 4-7 December 2011, Hobart Tasmania, pp. 475-490. ISBN 978-1-86295-644-5 (2011) [Refereed Conference Paper] 
Gregory, S and Lee, M and Ellis, A and Gregory, B and Wood, D and Hillier, M and Campbell, M and Grenfell, J and Pace, S and Farley, H and Thomas, AA and Cram, A and Sinnappan, S and Smith, K and Hay, L and Kennedy-Clark, S and Warren, I and Grant, S and Craven, D and Dreher, H and Matthews, C and Murdoch, D and McKeown, L, Australian higher education institutions transforming the future of teaching and learning through 3D virtual worlds, Curriculum, technology & transformation for an unknown future: Ascilite 2010, December 5 - 8 2010, Sydney, NSW, Australia, pp. 399-415. ISBN 978-1-74272-016-6 (2010) [Refereed Conference Paper] 
Major Creative Work
Thomas, AA and Ely-Harper, K and Richards, K, Foul Whisperings, Strange Matters, Linden Research, Inc., 945 Battery Street, San Francisco, CA 94111 (2008) [Recorded Creative Work] 

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