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Journal Article
Fassett, RG and Geraghty, DP and Coombes, JS, The impact of pre-intervention rate of kidney function change on the assessment of CKD progression, Journal of Nephrology, 27 pp. 515-519. ISSN 1121-8428 (2014) [Refereed Article] 
Shing, CM and Peake, JM and Suzuki, K and Jenkins, DG and Coombes, JS, A Pilot Study: Bovine Colostrum Supplementation and Hormonal and Autonomic Responses to Competitive Cycling, The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, 53, (5) pp. 490-501. ISSN 0022-4707 (2013) [Refereed Article]
Shing, CM and Adams, MJ and Fassett, RG and Coombes, JS, Nutritional compounds influence tissue factor expression and inflammation of chronic kidney disease patients in vitro, Nutrition: The International Journal of Applied and Basic Nutritional Sciences, 27, (9) pp. 967-972. ISSN 0899-9007 (2011) [Refereed Article]
Austen, SK and Fletcher, LA and Fassett, RG and Booth, C and Coombes, JS, Acute exposure to cyclosporine does not increase plasma homocysteine in rats, Transplantation Proceedings, 37, (10) pp. 4543-4546. ISSN 0041-1345 (2005) [Refereed Article] 
Blackhall, ML and Fassett, RG and Sharman, JE and Geraghty, DP and Coombes, JS, Effects of antioxidant supplementation on blood cyclosporine A and glomerular filtration rate in renal transplant recipients, Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation, 20, (9) pp. 1970-1975. ISSN 0931-0509 (2005) [Refereed Article]
Hamilton, KL and Coombes, JS and Powers, SK and Burnett, A and Demirel, H and Shanely, A, Antioxidant Supplementation and lipid peroxidation in sensecent rat lindlimb muscles, Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 31, No. 5, (May 1999) pp. S121. ISSN 0195-9131 (1999) [Contribution to Refereed Journal] 
Smith, TP and McNaughton, LR and Coombes, JS, Effect of a 4 week training program using vVO2max and Tmax on performance in middle distance athletes, Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 31, No 5, (May 1999) pp. S282. ISSN 0195-9131 (1999) [Contribution to Refereed Journal] 
Vrabas, IS and Dodd, SL and Powers, SK and Hughes, M and Coombes, JS and Fletcher, L and Demirel, HA and Reid, MB, Endurance training reduces the rate of diaphragm fatigue in vitro, Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 31, (11) pp. 1605 - 1612. ISSN 0195-9131 (1999) [Refereed Article] 
Vincent, HK and Powers, SK and Demirel, HA and Coombes, JS and Naito, H, Exercise training protects against contraction-induced lipid peroxidation in the diaphragm, European Journal of Applied Physiology, 79, (3) pp. 268-273. ISSN 1439-6319 (1999) [Refereed Article] 
Demirel, HA and Powers, SK and Naito, H and Hughes, M and Coombes, JS, Exercise-induced alterations in skeletal muscle myosin heavy chain phenotype: dose-response relationship, Journal of Applied Physiology, 86, (3) pp. 1002-1008. ISSN 8750-7587 (1999) [Refereed Article] 
Chapter in Book
Williams, AD and Fassett, RG and Howden, EJ and Coombes, JS, Effect of lifestyle modifications on patients with chronic kidney disease, Oxford Textbook of Clinical Nephrology, Oxford University Press, N Turner (ed), Oxford, pp. 1-11. ISBN 978-0199592548 (2015) [Other Book Chapter] 
Blackhall, ML and Coombes, JS and Fassett, RG, The relationship between antioxidant supplements and oxidative stress in renal transplant recipients; a review, ASAIO Journal, 50, (5) pp. 451-457. ISSN 1058-2916 (2004) [Substantial Review] 

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