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Journal Article
Asrani, P and Tiwari, K and Eapen, MS and McAlinden, KD and Haug, G and Johansen, MD and Hansbro, PM and Flanagan, KL and Hassan, MI and Sohal, SS, Clinical features and mechanistic insights into drug repurposing for combating COVID-19, International Journal of Biochemistry and Cell Biology ISSN 1357-2725 (2022) [Refereed Article] 
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Nguyen, THO and Rowntree, LC and Petersen, J and Chua, BY and Hensen, L and Kedzierski, L and van de Sandt, CE and Chaurasia, P and Tan, H-X and Habel, JR and Zhang, W and Allen, LF and Earnest, L and Mak, KY and Juno, JA and Wragg, K and Mordant, FL and Amanat, F and Krammer, F and Mifsud, NA and Doolan, DL and Flanagan, K and Sonda, S and Kaur, J and Wakim, LM and Westall, GP and James, F and Mouhtouris, E and Gordon, CL and Holmes, NE and Smibert, OC and Trubiano, JA and Cheng, AC and Harcourt, P and Clifton, P and Crawford, JC and Thomas, PG and Wheatley, AK and Kent, SJ and Rossjohn, J and Torresi, J and Kedzierska, K, CD8 + T cells specific for an immunodominant SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid epitope display high naive precursor frequency and TCR promiscuity, Immunity, 54, (5) pp. 1066-1082. ISSN 1074-7613 (2021) [Refereed Article] 
Cox, M and Kartikasari, AER and Gorry, PR and Flanagan, KL and Plebanski, M, Potential impact of human cytomegalovirus infection on immunity to ovarian tumours and cancer progression, Biomedicines, 9, (4) pp. 1-16. ISSN 2227-9059 (2021) [Refereed Article]
Andersen, AR and Kolmos, SK and Flanagan, KL and Benn, CS, Systematic review and meta-analysis of the effect of pertussis vaccine in pregnancy on the risk of chorioamnionitis, non-pertussis infectious diseases and other adverse pregnancy outcomes, Vaccine pp. 1-11. ISSN 0264-410X (2021) [Refereed Article] 
Selva, KJ and van de Sandt, CE and Lemke, MM and Lee, CY and Shoffner, SK and Chua, BY and Davis, SK and Nguyen, THO and Rowntree, LC and Hensen, L and Koutsakos, M and Wong, CY and Mordant, F and Jackson, DC and Flanagan, KL and Crowe, J and Tosif, S and Neeland, MR and Sutton, P and Licciardi, PV and Crawford, NW and Cheng, AC and Doolan, DL and Amanat, F and Krammer, F and Chappell, K and Modhiran, N and Watterson, D and Young, P and Lee, WS and Wines, BD and Hogarth, PM and Esterbauer, R and Kelly, HG and Tan, HX and Juno, JA and Wheatley, AK and Kent, SJ and Arnold, KB and Kedzierska, K and Chung, AW, Systems serology detects functionally distinct coronavirus antibody features in children and elderly, Nature Communications, 12, (1) ISSN 2041-1723 (2021) [Refereed Article]
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Cox, M and Adetifa, JU and Noho-Konteh, F and Njie-Jobe, J and Sanyang, LC and Drammeh, A and Plebanski, M and Whittle, HC and Rowland-Jones, SL and Robertson, I and Flanagan, KL, Limited impact of human cytomegalovirus infection in African infants on vaccine-specific responses following diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis and measles vaccination, Frontiers in Immunology, 11 Article 1083. ISSN 1664-3224 (2020) [Refereed Article]
Cox, M and Adetifa, JU and Noho-Konteh, F and Sanyang, LC and Drammeh, A and Plebanski, M and Whittle, HC and Rowland-Jones, SL and Robertson, IK and Flanagan, KL, Sex-differential impact of human cytomegalovirus infection on in vitro reactivity to toll-like receptor 2, 4 and 7/8 stimulation in Gambian infants, Vaccines, 8, (3) pp. 1-16. ISSN 2076-393X (2020) [Refereed Article]
Aaby, P and Benn, CS and Flanagan, Katie and Klein, SL and Kollmann, TR and Lynn, DJ and Shann, F, The non-specific and sex-differential effects of vaccines, Nature Reviews Immunology, 20 pp. 464-470. ISSN 1474-1733 (2020) [Letter or Note in Journal]
Madden, SK and Flanagan, KL and Jones, G, How lifestyle factors and their associated pathogenetic mechanisms impact psoriasis, Clinical Nutrition ISSN 0261-5614 (2019) [Refereed Article] 
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Messina, NL and Gardiner, K and Donath, S and Flanagan, K and Ponsonby, A-L and Shann, F and Robins-Browne, R and Freyne, B and Abruzzo, V and Morison, C and Cox, L and Germano, S and Zufferey, C and Zimmermann, P and Allen, KJ and Vuillermin, P and South, M and Casalaz, D and Curtis, N, Study protocol for the Melbourne Infant Study: BCG for Allergy and Infection Reduction (MIS BAIR), a randomised controlled trial to determine the non-specific effects of neonatal BCG vaccination in a low-mortality setting, BMJ Open, 9, (12) Article e032844. ISSN 2044-6055 (2019) [Refereed Article]
Harper, A and Flanagan, KL, Effect of sex on vaccination outcomes: important but frequently overlooked, Current Opinion in Pharmacology, 41 pp. 122-127. ISSN 1471-4892 (2018) [Refereed Article] 
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Vemuri, R and Sylvia, KE and Klein, SL and Forster, SC and Plebanski, M and Eri, R and Flanagan, KL, The microgenderome revealed: sex differences in bidirectional interactions between the microbiota, hormones, immunity and disease susceptibility, Seminars in Immunopathology, 41, (2) pp. 265-275. ISSN 1863-2297 (2018) [Refereed Article] 
Jensen, KJ and Sondergaard, MJ and Andersen, A and Martins, C and Erikstrup, C and Aaby, P and Flanagan, KL and Benn, CS, Long-term sex-differential effects of neonatal Vitamin A supplementation on in vitro cytokine responses, The British journal of nutrition, 118, (11) pp. 942-948. ISSN 0007-1145 (2017) [Refereed Article] 
Darboe, F and Adetifa, JU and Reynolds, J and Hossin, S and Plebanski, M and Netea, MG and Rowland-Jones, SL and Sutherland, JS and Flanagan, KL, Minimal sex-differential modulation of reactivity to pathogens and toll-like receptor ligands following infant Bacillus Calmette-GuA rin Russia vaccination, Frontiers in Immunology, 8 Article 1092. ISSN 1664-3224 (2017) [Refereed Article]
Minigo, G and Flanagan, KL and Slattery, RM and Plebanski, M, Vaccination with altered peptide ligands of a Plasmodium berghei circumsporozoite protein CD8 T-cell epitope: A model to generate T cells resistant to immune interference by polymorphic epitopes, Frontiers in Immunology, 8 Article 115. ISSN 1664-3224 (2017) [Refereed Article]
Conference Publication
van de Sandt, CE and Nguyen, THO and Gehardin, N and Rizzetto, S and Szeto, C and Sant, S and Crawford, JC and Jia, X and Kaur, J and Ranson, NM and Redmond, S and Lim, R and Valkenburg, SA and Grant, E and Clemens, EB and Chadderton, J and La Gruta, N and Crowe, J and Lappas, M and Flanagan, K and Thomas, PG and Rossjohn, J and Godfrey, D and Gras, S and Luciani, F and Kedzierska, K, Molecular and Functional Dissection of the Influenza Virus-Specific CD8+T Cell Receptor Repertoire During Aging, The Seventh European Scientific Working Group (ESWI) on Influenza Conference, 6 - 9 December 2020, virtual (2020) [Keynote Presentation]
Other Public Output
Schmidt, M and Cannell, JA and Flanagan, K and Sohal, SS and Mulford, J and Myers, SA, 'Champions' of research, The Examiner, Australia, 2 November 2018 (2018) [Newspaper Article]

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