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Journal Article
Kopf, A and Bicak, M and Kottmann, R and Schnetzer, J and Kostadinov, I and Lehmann, K and Fernandez-Guerra, A and Jeanthon, C and Rahav, E and Ullrich, M and Wichels, A and Gerdts, G and Polymenakou, P and Kotoulas, G and Siam, R and Abdallah, RZ and Sonnenschein, EC and Cariou, T and O'Gara, F and Jackson, S and Orlic, S and Steinke, M and Busch, J and Duarte, B and Cacador, I and Canning-Clode, J and Bobrova, O and Marteinsson, V and Reynisson, E and Loureiro, CM and Luna, GM and Quero, GM and Loscher, CR and Kremp, A and DeLorenzo, ME and Ovreas, L and Tolman, J and LaRoche, J and Penna, A and Frischer, M and Davis, T and Katherine, B and Meyer, CP and Ramos, S and Magalhaes, C and Jude-Lemeilleur, F and Aguirre-Macedo, ML and Wang, S and Poulton, N and Jones, S and Collin, R and Fuhrman, JA and Conan, P and Alonso, C and Stambler, N and Goodwin, K and Yakimov, MM and Baltar, F and Bodrossy, L and Van De Kamp, J and Frampton, DMF and Ostrowski, M and Van Ruth, P and Malthouse, P and Claus, S and Deneudt, K and Mortelmans, J and Pitois, S and Wallom, D and Salter, I and Costa, R and Schroeder, DC and Kandil, MM and Amaral, V and Biancalana, F and Santana, R and Pedrotti, ML and Yoshida, T and Ogata, H and Ingleton, T and Munnik, K and Rodriguez-Ezpeleta, N and Berteaux-Lecellier, V and Wecker, P and Cancio, I and Vaulot, D and Bienhold, C and Ghazal, H and Chaouni, B, The ocean sampling day consortium, GigaScience, 4, (1) pp. 1-5. ISSN 2047-217X (2015) [Letter or Note in Journal]
Ingleton, T and McMinn, A, Thermal plume effects: A multi-disciplinary approach for assessing effects of thermal pollution on estuaries using benthic diatoms and satellite imagery, Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 99 pp. 132-144. ISSN 0272-7714 (2012) [Refereed Article]
Conference Publication
Ajani, P and Ingleton, T and Pritchard, T and Armand, L, Microalgal blooms in the coastal waters of New South Wales, Australia, Linnean Society of New South Wales. Proceedings, 2011, pp. 15-31. ISSN 0370-047X (2011) [Refereed Conference Paper]

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