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Journal Article
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Conference Publication
Barnett, T and Jessup, B and Cross, M and Mallick, S and Proudfoot, F and Cooper, A and Quarmby, L, Challenges to Employing Recent Nursing and Allied Health Graduates in Rural Areas, 15th National Rural Health Conference, 24-27 March 2019, Hobart, Tasmania (2019) [Conference Extract]
Chidarikire, S and Cross, M and Skinner, I and Cleary, M, Importance of language, culture and idioms of distress in understanding schizophrenia in Zimbabwe: an ethnographic study, 19th World Congress of Psychiatry, 21-24 August, Lisbon, Portugal (2019) [Conference Extract]
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Contract Report, Consultant's Report
Barnett, AP and Auckland, SRJ and Bridgman, H and Cross, DMG and Dennis, S and Kirschbaum, M, Rural Health Benchmarking Project 2013/14 Final Report and Recommendations, CRH, Tasmania (2014) [Contract Report]
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Cross, DMG, Hosting Virtual Orientation Tours of rural practice settings via the TCEN website, Health Workforce Australia, Final (2013) [Contract Report]
Harris, MW and Barnett, AP and Thompson, S and Riggs, J and Barlcay, L and Cross, DMG, Thriving in transition: A model for student support in the transition to Australian higher education, Office for Learning & Teaching, 1 (2013) [Contract Report]
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Barnett, AP and Cross, M and Jacob, E and Walker, L and Missen, K and Shahwan-Alk, L, Building Capacity for Clinical Placements and Interprofessional Learning (IPL): Final Report, OCLC (2010) [Consultants Report] 
Other Public Output
Chidarikire, S and Cross, M and Cleary, M and Skinner, I, WHO Quality of Life-BREF (WHOQOL-BREF) Shona Version: Translation Report, The World Health Organisation, Geneva, pp. 1-4. (2017) [Report Other]
Simpson, H and Duers, L and Rankin, J and McFadyen, J and Campbell, SJ and Stirling, CM and Walsh, K and Ford, K and Geraghty, DP and Williams, AD and Eri, RD and Robinson, AL and Miller, AB and Cross, M and McKay, AJ and Sondermeyer, J and Elmer, SL and Cooper, JF and Booth, S, Health Benchmarking Project Final Report, University of Tasmania and University of the West of Scotland, pp. 1-45. (2014) [Government or Industry Research]

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