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Journal Article
Habibis, D and Phillips, R and Spinney, A and Phibbs, P and Churchill, B, Reviewing changes to housing management on remote Indigenous communities, AHURI Final Report, No. 271 pp. 1-152. ISSN 1834-7223 (2016) [Refereed Article]
Denny, L and Churchill, B, Youth employment in Australia: A comparative analysis of labour force participation by age group, Journal of Applied Youth Studies, 1, (2) pp. 5-22. ISSN 2204-9193 (2016) [Contribution to Refereed Journal] 
Doherty, BT and Eccleston, R and Hansen, E and Natalier, K and Churchill, B, Building evaluation capacity in micro community organisations more burden than benefit?, Evaluation of Journal of Australasia, 15, (4) pp. 29-37. ISSN 1035-719X (2015) [Refereed Article]
Churchill, B and Denny, L and Jackson, N, Thank God you're here: the coming generation and their role in future‑proofing Australia from the challenges of population ageing, Australian Journal of Social Issues, 49, (3) pp. 373-392. ISSN 0157-6321 (2014) [Refereed Article] 
Leggett, SM and Churchill, B and Doherty, KV and Robinson, AL and Stirling, CM, Countering stagnation in a complex environment: Shoring up professional identity among aged care assessors, Australasian Journal on Ageing, 29, (S2) pp. 21. ISSN 1440-6381 (2010) [Professional, Non Refereed Article] 
Robinson, AL and Churchill, B and Andrews, SM and Haine, T and Haralambous, B and Hill, K and Nitz, J and Moore, K, Developing an evidence based approach to falls prevention: Addressing professional isolation in aged care, Australasian Journal on Ageing, 28, (2) pp. A74. ISSN 1440-6381 (2009) [Professional, Non Refereed Article] 
Andrews, SM and Robinson, AL and Churchill, B and Haines, T and Haralambous, B and Hill, K and Nitz, J and Moore, K, Facilitating best practice falls prevention through an action research approach, Australasian Journal on Ageing, 28, (2) pp. A42-43. ISSN 1440-6381 (2009) [Professional, Non Refereed Article] 
Coleman, AJ and MacKenzie, D and Churchill, B, The Role of outreach: responding to primary homelessness, Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, Canberra, pp. 68. ISBN 9780992390846 (2014) [Authored Other Book] 
Chapter in Book
Churchill, B and Baltra-Ulloa, A and Moore, R, Difficult conversations: race, class and gender in White Australia, Routledge International Handbook of Race, Class and Gender, Routledge, SA Jackson (ed), United Kingdom, pp. 21-28. ISBN 9780415632713 (2015) [Research Book Chapter] 
Churchill, B, Content Analysis, Social Research Methods, Oxford University Press, Maggie Walter (ed), Australia, pp. 254-268. ISBN 9780195520170 (2013) [Other Book Chapter]
Patman, P and Denny, LJ and Churchill, B, Using SPSS for Descriptive Statistical Analysis, Social Research Methods, Oxford University Press, Maggie Walter (ed), Australia, pp. 195-223. ISBN 9780195520170 (2013) [Revised Book Chapter]
Churchill, B, Blau, J. and Frezzo, M., eds, Sociology and Human Rights: A Bill of Rights for the Twenty-First Century, Journal of Sociology, 50, (3) pp. 385-387. ISSN 1741-2978 (2014) [Review Single Work] 
Conference Publication
Robinson, AL and Lea, EJ and Andrews, SM and Churchill, B and Haralambous, B and Haines, T and Hill, K and Nitz, J and Moore, K, Falls prevention for people with dementia domicile in nursing homes: Strategies to facilitate the translation of evidence into practice. Poster , International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease posters, 10-15 July, Hawaii, pp. 1. (2010) [Conference Extract] 
Churchill, B, The Problem of [Defining] Generations, Australian Population Association, November 2010, Gold Coast Australia, pp. CD. ISBN 0957857209 (2010) [Non Refereed Conference Paper] 
Contract Report, Consultant's Report
Churchill, B and Doherty, T and Hansen, E and Eccleston, R, People and Place: Understanding a Research Program for Understanding and Addressing Place-based Health Inequities in Tasmania, UTAS DHHS (2012) [Contract Report]
Walter, MM and Asquith, NL and Henry, B and Churchill, B, Assistive Devices Intervention (ADI) Evaluative Research Program: Report to Community Based Support South (CBS) Inc, Community Based Support South (2011) [Contract Report] 
Churchill, B, Tasmanian Disability Workforce: A Demographic Profile for the National Disability Service (NDS), National Disability Service (NDS) (2011) [Contract Report] 
Cummings, EA and Showell, CM and Roehrer, EL and Churchill, B and Turner, BR and Yee, KC and Wong, MC and Turner, P, A Structured Evidence-Based Literature Review on Discharge, Referral and Admission, Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC) and NSW Health, Hobart, Tasmania (2010) [Contract Report]
Robinson, AL and Stirling, CM and Leggett, SM and Doherty, KV and Churchill, B, Review of the Tasmanian Aged Care Assessment Program: Report to the Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services, DHHS (2009) [Consultants Report] 
Other Public Output
Wierenga, A and Churchill, B and Peterson, C and Reynolds, A and Mulumba, A and Habibis, D, Your Island Home? Migrant Pathways and Migrant Experiences of Tasmania, Final Report, Housing and Community Research Unit, Hobart, Australia (2016) [Government or Industry Research] 
Blacklow, P and Churchill, B and Habibis, D and Jacobs, KA, Extent of income inequality in Australia, Community Affairs References Committee, Australia Govenment, online (2014) [Report Other]
Churchill, B, Generational warfare: is it what young Australians have to look forward to?, The Guardian, Guardian News and Media Limited, online (2014) [Newspaper Article] 
Coleman, AJ and Mackenzie, D and Churchill, B, The Role of Outreach: Responding to Primary Homelessness, Homelessness Research Collaboration: National Homelessness Research Agenda 2009-2013, the Department for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs., Australia (2013) [Government or Industry Research]
Churchill, B, What's on offer for young Australians this election? Apparently nothing, The Guardian Newspaper,, Australia, p. 1. (2013) [Newspaper Article] 
Churchill, B and Jackson, N, Small Towns Under Threat, The Sunday Examiner, Davies Brothers Pty Ltd, Hobart, Tasmania, 24 July 2011, pp. 1-3. (2012) [Media Interview] 

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