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Journal Article
Pankhurst, MW and Gell, DA and Butler, CW and Kirkcaldie, MTK and West, AK and Chung, RS, Metallothionein (MT) -I and MT-II expression are induced and cause zinc sequestration in the liver after brain injury, Pl o S One, 7, (2) Article e31185. ISSN 1932-6203 (2012) [Refereed Article]
Pankhurst, MW and Bennett, W and Kirkcaldie, MTK and West, AK and Chung, RS, Increased circulating leukocyte numbers and altered macrophage phenotype correlate with the altered immune response to brain injury in metallothionein (MT) -I/II null mutant mice, Journal of Neuroinflammation, 8, (December) Article 172. ISSN 1742-2094 (2011) [Refereed Article]
Leung, YKJ and Pankhurst, M and Dunlop, SA and Ray, S and Dittmann, J and Eaton, ED and Palumaa, P and Sillard, R and Chuah, MI and West, AK and Chung, RS, Metallothionein induces a regenerative reactive astrocyte phenotype via JAK/STAT and RhoA signalling pathways , Experimental Neurology: A Journal of Neuroscience Research, 221, (1) pp. 98-106. ISSN 0014-4886 (2010) [Refereed Article]
Chung, RS and Leung, YK and Butler, CW and Chen, Y and Eaton, ED and Pankhurst, MW and West, AK and Guillemin, GJ, Metallothionein Treatment Attenuates Microglial Activation and Expression of Neurotoxic Quinolinic Acid Following Traumatic Brain Injury , Neurotoxicity Research: An International Journal on Processes and Mechanisms in Neurodegeneration, Apoptosis, Neuroprotection and Regeneration, 15, (4) pp. 381-389. ISSN 1029-8428 (2009) [Refereed Article] 
Conference Publication
Pankhurst, MW and Chung, RS and Kirkcaldie, MTK and West, AK, Peripheral effects of metallothionein in brain injury: Altered immune system response in metallothionein-1/2 null mice, Cell Stress Society International Abstracts, October, Sapporo, Japan (2009) [Conference Extract] 

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