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Hamdan, FF and Myers, CT and Cossette, P and Lemay, P and Spiegelman, D and Laporte, AD and Nassif, C and Diallo, O and Monlong, J and Cadieux-Dion, M and Dobrzeniecka, S and Meloche, C and Retterer, K and Cho, MT and Rosenfeld, JA and Bi, W and Massicotte, C and Miguet, M and Brunga, L and Regan, BM and Mo, K and Tam, C and Schneider, A and Hollingsworth, G and FitzPatrick, DR and Donaldson, A and Canham, N and Blair, E and Kerr, B and Fry, AE and Thomas, RH and Shelagh, J and Hurst, JA and Brittain, H and Blyth, M and Lebel, RR and Gerkes, EH and Davis-Keppen, L and Stein, Q and Chung, WK and Dorison, SJ and Benke, PJ and Fassi, E and Corsten-Janssen, N and Kamsteeg, EJ and Mau-Them, FT and Bruel, AL and Verloes, A and A unap, K and Wojcik, MH and Albert, DVF and Venkateswaran, S and Ware, T and Jones, D and Liu, YC and Mohammad, SS and Bizargity, P and Bacino, CA and Leuzzi, V and Martinelli, S and Dallapiccola, B and Tartaglia, M and Blumkin, L and Wierenga, KJ and Purcarin, G and O'Byrne, JJ and Stockler, S and Lehman, A and Keren, B and Nougues, MC and Mignot, C and Auvin, S and Nava, C and Hiatt, SM and Bebin, M and Shao, Y and Scaglia, F and Lalani, SR and Frye, RE and Jarjour, IT and Jacques, S and Boucher, RM and Riou, E and Srour, M and Carmant, L and Lortie, A and Major, P and Diadori, P and Dubeau, F and D'Anjou, G and Bourque, G and Berkovic, SF and Sadleir, LG and Campeau, PM and Kibar, Z and LafreniA re, RG and Girard, SL and Mercimek-Mahmutoglu, S and Boelman, C and Rouleau, GA, High Rate of Recurrent De Novo Mutations in Developmental and Epileptic Encephalopathies, American journal of human genetics, 101, (5) pp. 664-685. ISSN 0002-9297 (2017) [Refereed Article] 

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