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Journal Article
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Chapter in Book
Althagafi, IAJ and Smith, Lindsay and Edwards, Dale and Paton, D, Case study, Introducing, designing and conducting research for paramedics, Elsevier Health Sciences, A Olaussen, KA Bowles, B Lord, B Williams. (ed), Chatswood, pp. 139-141. ISBN 9780729544092 (2022) [Other Book Chapter]
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Conference Publication
Berry, R and Edwards, D and Blackhall, M, Anaphylaxis recognition: Is there consistency in Paramedic and Emergency Department diagnoses?, 999 EMS Research Forum, 4 March 2020, Brighton, United Kingdom (2020) [Plenary Presentation]
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Edwards, DG, A grounded theory study of the preparedness of paramedics to undertake the role of preceptor in the clinical setting (2018) [Professional Doctorate]

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