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Journal Article
Moles, AT and Wallis, IR and Foley, WJ and Warton, DI and Stegen, JC and Bisigato, AJ and Cella-Pizarro, L and Clark, CJ and Cohen, PS and Cornwell, WK and Edwards, W and Ejrnaes, R and Gonzales-Ojeda, T and Graae, BJ and Hay, G and Lumbwe, FC and Magana-Rodriguez, B and Moore, BD and Peri, PL and Poulsen, JR and Veldtman, R and von Zeipel, H and Andrew, NR and Boulter, SL and Borer, ET and Campon, FF and Coll, M and Farji-Brener, AG and De Gabriel, J and Jurado, E and Kyhn, LA and Low, B and Mulder, CPH and Reardon-Smith, K and Rodriguez-Velazquez, J and Seabloom, EW and Vesk, PA and van Cauter, A and Waldram, MS and Zheng, Z and Blendinger, PG and Enquist, BJ and Facelli, JM and Knight, T and Majer, JD and Martinez-Ramos, M and McQuillan, P and Prior, LD, Putting plant resistance traits on the map: a test of the idea that plants are better defended at lower latitudes, New Phytologist, 191, (3) pp. 777-788. ISSN 0028-646X (2011) [Refereed Article]
Conference Publication
Bridle, K and Fitzgerald, M and Green, D and Smith, Janet A and McQuillan, P and Lefroy, EC, Biodiversity in 'Grain & Graze': a BiGG analysis of biodiversity in mixed farming systems across Australia's sheep-wheat zone, Proceedings of the 10th International Congress of Ecology , 16-21 August 2009, Brisbane, Queensland (2009) [Conference Extract] 
Bridle, K and McQuillan, P and Green, D and Smith, Janet A and Fitzgerald, M and Lefroy, EC, Assessing the contribution of mixed farming systems to biodiversity across Australia's sheep-wheat zone: The Grain & Graze participatory research model, Proceedings of the Joint XXI International Grassland and VIII International Rangeland Congress 2008, 29 June - 8 July 2008, Hohot, China (2008) [Conference Extract] 
Bridle, K and Green, D and Fitzgerald, M and McQuillan, P and Smith, Janet A and Pedersen, TK and Lucieer, A and Lacey, MJ and Mount, RE and Lefroy, EC and Price, R, Results from the BiGG project (Biodiversity in Grain & Graze), Proceedings of VegFutures, October 2008, Toowoomba, Australia (2008) [Conference Extract] 

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