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Author: Lindley, MV (Dr Margaret Lindley)

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Journal Article
Lindley, MV, A College of Moral Exhibition: The Stranger in Hobart, Tasmanian Historical Studies, 10 pp. 42-54. ISSN 1324-048X (2005) [Refereed Article] 
Lindley, MV, Anne Silvas trans, Jutta and Hildegard: The Biographical Sources, Journal of Religious History, 26, (3) pp. 321-2. ISSN 0022-4227 (2002) [Letter or Note in Journal] 
Lindley, MV, Opera and the Doing of Women, Siglo: Journal for the Arts, (13) pp. 47-53. ISSN 1320-8411 (2000) [Non Refereed Article] 
Lindley, MV, May Days: Maypoles, Goddesses, and Revelry, The European Legacy: Towards New Paradigms, 1, (1) pp. 1-7. ISSN 1084-8770 (1996) [Refereed Article] 
Lindley, MV, Roseanne, Australian Journal of Comedy, 1, (1) pp. 99-112. ISSN 1322-7378 (1996) [Non Refereed Article] 
Lindley, MV, Is Sam Newman Funny?, Australian Journal of Comedy, 1, (2) pp. 53-64. ISSN 1322-7378 (1995) [Non Refereed Article] 
Chapter in Book
Lindley, MV, Man Creates, Woman Plays: (Re)Claiming the Creative Process in Ballet and Opera, Intercultural Communication and Creative Practice: Music, Dance and Women's Cultural Identity, Praeger, Laura Lengel (ed), Westport, CT, pp. 229-240. ISBN 0-275-98240-8 (2005) [Research Book Chapter] 
Lindley, MV, Taking a Joke Too Far and Footballers' Shorts, Gender, Sexuality and Sport: A Dangerous Mix, Walla Walla Press, D Hemphill and C Symons (ed), Petersham, pp. 61-67. ISBN 1876718544 (2002) [Research Book Chapter] 
Lindley, MV, Her Beauty and Her Terror: Australian Football and the Community, All Part of the Game: Violence and Australian Sport, Walla Walla Press, D Hemphill (ed), Petersham, pp. 141-52. ISBN 0958707936 (1998) [Research Book Chapter] 
Lindley, MV, Strikes, The Companion to Tasmanian History, A Alexander (ed), Hobart, pp. 347-8 (2005) [Entry] 
Lindley, MV, Trade Unions , The Companion to Tasmanian History, A Alexander (ed), Hobart, pp. 366-8 (2005) [Entry] 

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