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Journal Article
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Contract Report, Consultant's Report
Althaus, F and Barrett, N and Dambacher, J and Davies, P and Ferrari, R and Ford, J and Hayes, KR and Hill, N and Hosack, G and Hovey, R and Huang, Z and Hulls, J and Ingleton, T and Jordan, A and Kendrick, G and Kool, J and Lawrence, E and Leeming, R and Lucieer, V and Malcolm, H and Meyer, L and Monk, J and Nichol, S and Peel, D and Perkins, N and Siwabessy, J and Sherlock, M and Martin, T and Tran, SM and Walsh, A and Williams, A, Analysis of Approaches for Monitoring Biodiversity in Commonwealth Waters - Field work report, National Environmental Research Program, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia (2016) [Contract Report] 

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