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Journal Article
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Chapter in Book
Barnett, G and Berry, H and Tait, P and Fleming, AJ and Hanson-Easy, S and Blashki, G and Davies, A and Ding, N and Factor, A and Farrant, B and Green, D and Hosking, J and Lyth, A and MacMillan, A and Maxwell, J, Group 4: livelihood and disadvantage, Climate change challenges to health: risks and opportunities - recommendations from the 2014 Theo Murphy High Flyers Think Tank, Australian Academy of Science, B Armstrong (ed), Canberra, pp. 15-17. ISBN 978 0 85847 414 7 (2015) [Other Book Chapter]
Fleming, AJ and Vanclay, FM, Discourses of climate change: Understanding farmer resistance, Climate Change in Regional Australia: Social Learning and Adaptation, VURRN Press, J Martin, M Rogers and C Winter (ed), Bendigo, Victoria, pp. 155-176. ISBN 9781876851361 (2009) [Research Book Chapter] 
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Conference Publication
Fleming, AJ, Climate Futures for Tasmania : local climate information for local communities : communicating climate change in the agricultural sector, Presentation to the Australasia-Pacific Extension Network's International Conference 'Shaping Change in Communities: Dimensions of Excellence', 9-13 November 2009, Busselton, Western Australia (2009) [Conference Extract] 
Fleming, AJ, Climate Futures for Tasmania : local climate information for local communities communicating climate change in the agricultural sector, Presentation to a national forum on 'Rural Landholder's Responses to Climate Change' , 16-18 November 2009, Albury, New South Wales (2009) [Conference Extract] 
Contract Report, Consultant's Report
Hobday, AJ and Bustamante, RH and Farmery, A and Fleming, AJ and Frusher, S and Green, B and Jennings, S and Lim-Camacho, L and Norman-Lopez, A and Pascoe, S and Pecl, G and Plaganyi, E and van Putten, I and Schrobback, P and Thebaud, O and Thomas, L, Growth opportunities and critical elements in the supply chain for wild fisheries and aquaculture in a changing climate: a marine NARP project, Fisheries Research and Development Corporation and CSIRO, Australia, 2011/233 (2014) [Contract Report] 
Fleming, Aysha, Community resistance to climate change: Discourses of Tasmanian farmers (2010) [PhD] 

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