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Journal Article
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Conference Publication
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van Dam, PJ, Using a constructivist grounded theory approach to make leadership learning visible, 2012 Graduate Research Symposium, 16-17 July 2012, Launceston, Tasmania, pp. 13. (2012) [Conference Extract] 
Other Public Output
van Dam, PJ, Leadership development in healthcare: The role of clinical expertise, Arab Health Magazine, Nicholas Publishing International FZ LLC, United Arab Emirates, 1, 2 (2013) [Magazine Article]
Van Dam, P, The benefits of Lean Principles in health and hospital (re)design, Hospital Build & Infrastructure, Nicholas Publishing International, NSW, Australia, 1, 3, pp. 26-29. (2013) [Magazine Article]
Van Dam, P and Shannon, E, Workplace leadership learning for healthcare professionals, Arab Health Magazine, Informa, 4, pp. 38-41. (2013) [Magazine Article]

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