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Journal Article
Barbour, RC and O'Reilly-Wapstra, JM and de Little, D and Jordan, GJ and Steane, DA and Humphreys, JR and Bailey, JK and Whitham, TG and Potts, BM, A geographic mosaic of genetic variation within a foundation tree species and its community-level consequences, Ecology, 90, (7) pp. 1762-1772. ISSN 0012-9658 (2009) [Refereed Article] 
Humphreys, JR and O'Reilly-Wapstra, JM and Harbard, JL and Davies, NW and Griffin, AR and Jordan, GJ and Potts, BM, Discrimination between seedlings of Eucalyptus globulus, E. nitens and their F1 hybrid using near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy and foliar oil content, Silvae Genetica, 57, (4-5) pp. 262-269. ISSN 0037-5349 (2008) [Refereed Article] 
O'Reilly-Wapstra, JM and Humphreys, JR and Potts, BM, Stability of genetic-based defensive chemistry across life stages in a Eucalyptus species, Journal of Chemical Ecology, 33, (10) pp. 1876-1884. ISSN 0098-0331 (2007) [Refereed Article] 
Conference Publication
O'Reilly-Wapstra, J and Humphreys, J and Barbour, R and Freeman, J and Vaillancourt, R and Potts, B, Genetic analysis of the near infrared spectral phenome of Eucalyptus globulus, Gordon's Research Conference on Plant-Herbivore Interactions, 21-26 February 2010, Galveston, Texas, pp. 1. (2010) [Conference Extract] 
Barbour, RC and O'Reilly-Wapstra, JM and Forster, LG and Baker, SC and Storer, MJ and Schweitzer, JA and Bailey, JK and Humphreys, JR and Freeman, JS and Vaillancourt, RE and Whitham, T and Potts, BM, Characterising the 'long arm' of the gene in Eucalyptus globulus: genetic impacts at the community and ecosystem levels, 33rd ESA Annual Conference Scientific Program, 1-5 Dec, Sydney, pp. 57. (2008) [Conference Extract] 
Potts, BM and O'Reilly-Wapstra, JM and Barbour, RC and Humphreys, JR and Wallis, I and Lawrence, R and Minchin, P and Whitham, T, A genetic framework for studying plant-herbivore interactions and community genetics: the case of Eucalyptus globulus, Gordon Research Conference on Plant Herbivore Interactions, 19th-23rd February, Ventura, California, USA (2007) [Conference Extract] 
O'Reilly-Wapstra, JM and Bailey, J and Humphreys, JR and McArthur, C and Potts, BM, Selection by mammalian herbivores on key eucalypt defenses and implications of plant heteroblasty, Gordons Research Conference on Plant Herbivore Interactions, 18th-23rd February, Ventura, California, U.S.A (2007) [Conference Extract] 
Potts, BM and Barbour, RC and O'Reilly-Wapstra, JM and Baker, S and Schweitzer, J and Bailey, J and Whitham, T and Humphreys, JR and Freeman, JS and Vaillancourt, RE, The extended phenotype of Eucalyptus globulus, Proceedings of the Australasian Forest Genetics Conference: Breeding for Wood Quality, 11-14 April, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, pp. 1-17. (2007) [Conference Extract]

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