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Author: Beaulieu, J (Dr Jean-Philippe Beaulieu)

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Koshimoto, N and Shvartzvald, Y and Bennett, DP and Penny, MT and Hundertmark, M and Bond, IA and Zang, WC and Henderson, CB and Suzuki, D and Rattenbury, NJ and Sumi, T and Abe, F and Asakura, Y and Bhattacharya, A and Donachie, M and Evans, P and Fukui, A and Hirao, Y and Itow, Y and Li, MCA and Ling, CH and Masuda, K and Matsubara, Y and Matsuo, T and Muraki, Y and Nagakane, M and Ohnishi, K and Ranc, C and Saito, T and Sharan, A and Shibai, H and Sullivan, DJ and Tristram, PJ and Yamada, T and Yamada, T and Yonehara, A and Gelino, CR and Beichman, C and Beaulieu, J-P and Marquette, JB and Batista, V and Friedmann, M and Hallakoun, N and Kaspi, S and Maoz, D and Bryden, G and Calchi Novati, S and Howell, SB and Wang, TS and Mao, S and Fouque, P and Korhonen, H and Jorgensen, UG and Street, R and Tsapras, Y and Dominik, M and Kerins, E and Cassan, A and Snodgrass, C and Bachelet, E and Bozza, V and Bramich, DM, MOA-2016-BLG-227Lb: a massive planet characterized by combining light-curve analysis and keck AO imaging, The Astronomical Journal, 154, (1) Article 3. ISSN 0004-6256 (2017) [Refereed Article]
Beaulieu, J-P and Bennett, DP and Batista, V and Fukui, A and Marquette, J-B and Brillant, S and Cole, AA and Rogers, LA and Sumi, T and Abe, F and Bhattacharya, A and Koshimoto, N and Suzuki, D and Tristram, PJ and Han, C and Gould, A and Pogge, R and Yee, J, Revisiting the microlensing event Ogle 2012-Blg-0026: a solar mass star with two cold giant planets, Astrophysical Journal, 824, (2) Article 83. ISSN 0004-637X (2016) [Refereed Article]

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