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Journal Article
Smith, AH and Ratkowsky, DA and Wardlaw, TJ and Mohammed, CL, Ease of access to an alternative food source enables wallabies to strip bark in Tasmanian Pinus radiata plantations, Forests, 11, (4) Article 387. ISSN 1999-4907 (2020) [Refereed Article]
Smith, AH and Potts, BM and Ratkowsky, DA and Pinkard, EA and Mohammed, CL, Association of Eucalyptus globulus leaf anatomy with susceptibility to Teratosphaeria leaf disease, Forest Pathology, 48, (2) Article e12395. ISSN 1439-0329 (2017) [Refereed Article] 
Smith, AH and Wardlaw, TJ and Pinkard, EA and Ratkowsky, D and Mohammed, CL, Impacts of Teratosphaeria leaf disease on plantation Eucalyptus globulus productivity, Forest Pathology, 47, (2) Article e12310. ISSN 1437-4781 (2017) [Refereed Article] 
Smith, AH and Gill, WM and Pinkard, E and Mohammed, CL, Anatomical and histochemical defence responses induced in juvenile leaves of Eucalyptus globulus and Eucalyptus nitens by Mycosphaerella infection, Forest Pathology, 37, (6) pp. 361-372. ISSN 1437-4781 (2007) [Refereed Article] 
Glen, M and Smith, AH and Langrell, SRH and Mohammed, CL, Development of Nested Polymerase Chain Reaction Detection of Mycosphaerella spp. and Its Application to the Study of Leaf Disease in Eucalyptus Plantations, Phytopathology, 97, (2) pp. 132-144. ISSN 0031-949X (2007) [Refereed Article] 
Smith, AH and Pinkard, E and Stone, C and Battaglia, M and Mohammed, CL, Precision and accuracy of pest and pathogen damage assessment in young eucalypt plantations, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 111, (1-3) pp. 243-246. ISSN 0167-6369 (2005) [Refereed Article] 
Mohammed, C and Wardlaw, T and Smith, A and Pinkard, E and Battaglia, M and Glen, M and Tommerup, I and Potts, BM and Vaillancourt, RE, Mycosphaerella leaf diseases of temperate eucalypts around the Southern Pacific rim, New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science, 33, (3) pp. 362-372. ISSN 0048-0134 (2003) [Refereed Article]
Conference Publication
Prihatini, I and Glen, M and Smith, AH and Wardlaw, TJ and Mohammed, CL, Survey of the needle fungi associated with Spring Needle Cast in Pinus radiata, Proceedings of the 17th Australasian Plant Pathology Conference, Plant Health Management:, 29 September-1 October 2009, Newcastle, NSW (2009) [Conference Extract] 
Smith, AH and Glen, M and Mohammed, CL, PCR detection of Mycosphaerella species in early lesion developmental stages of Mycosphaerella leaf disease, Proceedings of the 8th International Mycological Congress, 20-25 August 2006, Cairns, Queensland (2006) [Conference Extract] 
Mohammed, CL and Wardlaw, TJ and Smith, AH and Pinkard, E and Beadle, CL and Battaglia, M, Mycosphaerella leaf diseases of temperate eucalypts around the southern Pacific rim, Abstracts of Invited Papers 8th International Congress of Plant Pathology, 2-7 February 2003, Christchurch, New Zealand, pp. 69. ISBN 086476 151-1 (2003) [Conference Extract] 
Contract Report, Consultant's Report
Smith, AH, Investigating the Repelling Properties of Tannins in the Bark of Pinus Radiatus to Browsing Mammals, Final Report to the Australian Academy of Science (2010) [Contract Report] 
Smith, AH, The Development of Strategies for the Management and Research of Foliar Pathogens on Eucalypt Plantations: Using Mycosphaerella as a Case Study (2006) [PhD] 

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