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Author: Ancher, SJC (Mr Simon Ancher)

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Conference Publication
Loy, J and Ancher, S, Creative camaraderie: Promoting a shared design culture for staff and students, Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education: Design Education - Growing Our Future, EPDE 2013, 5-6 September 2013, Dublin, Ireland, pp. 550-555. ISBN 978-1-904670-42-1 (2013) [Refereed Conference Paper] 
Loy, J and Ancher, S, Bridging the Gap between Aims and Objectives for Business Clients and Academic Course Planners in 'Linked' Learning Projects, Proceedings of E&PDE 2011, the 13th International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education, 8-9 September 2011, City University London, UK, pp. 64-70. ISBN 9781904670346 (2011) [Refereed Conference Paper] 
Major Creative Work
Ancher, SJC, Charred Memories, Margret Lawrence Gallery, University of Melbourne and Academy Gallery, University of Tasmania (2014) [Curated Exhibition] 
Abberton, L and Ancher, SJC and Brown, S and Combes, J and Balcombe, A and Faludi, Z and Feeney, D and Knight, E and Malone, P and Meerding, D and Paramore, G and Pittman, E and Randall, N and Rienecker, S and Straker, R and Taylor, L and Van Der Beek, S and Ward, M and Williams, S, Objects in Place, Designed Objects Tasmania, Mawson Place, Waterside Pavillion, Hobart (2013) [Curated Exhibition] 
Ancher, SJC, THINKtent BENCH, University of Tasmania, Burnie, Launceston Design Centre, MONA, pp. 1-2 (2013) [Curated Exhibition] 
Abberton, L and Ancher, S and Brown, S and Dunsmuir, R and Van Der Meer, C and Van Der Meer, D and Paramore, G and Prince, MD and Senior, P and Williams, S, Flat Stack Fold, Design Forum Tasmania, Design Centre, 1 (2011) [Curated Exhibition] 
Malone, P and Kaye, A and Dobinson, J and Muir Wilson, T and Finlayson, ML and St Pierre, I and Tett, A and Dunsmuir, R and Abberton, L and Smith, M and Prince, MD and Brown, S and Williams, S and Nagle, H and Gair, J and Vinnicombe, M and Coote, R and Schnieder, D and Sonstegaard, Z and Meerding, D and Ancher, SJC and Heffernan, P and Hancock, E and Winkler, B and Byers, C and Evans, S and Stojanovski, S and Seccombe, F and Pittman, E and Beaumont, K and Holtsbaum, N and Mayben, S and Muench, L and Knight, E, Furnished, Designed Objects Tasmania, Waterside Pavillion, Hobart, 1 (2011) [Curated Exhibition] 
Ancher, SJC, Life Specifics, Design Forum Tasmania, Launceston, 1, pp. 1-9 (2011) [Curated Exhibition] 
Ancher, SJC, The Clarence Prize, Clarence City Council, Rosny Barn - Clarence, 3 (2011) [Curated Exhibition] 
Ancher, SJC, SCW (Stool crate wood), Workshopped09, Chiffly Plaza, Sydney , 2009 (2009) [Repeat Curated Exhibition] 
Ancher, S, 'Clipped Wing' Timber Bench Seat , Workshopped08 , Chiffly Plaza, Sydney , 2008 (2008) [Published Creative Work] 
Ancher, S, SCW (Stool crate wood), Out of This World , The Deloraine Community Complex, 2008, pp. 1-4 (2008) [Repeat Curated Exhibition] 
Ancher, S, SCW (Stool crate wood), Design Made Trade, Royal Exhibition Building , 2008 (2008) [Curated Exhibition] 
Ancher, SJC, 'Flash' Stool, Workshopped07, Queen Victoria Buidling [ QVB ] Sydney , 2007 (2007) [Curated Exhibition] 
Ancher, SJC, Biennial Acquisitive Exhibition, TMAG & Design Centre (2006) [Curated Exhibition] 
Ancher, SJC, Leather Chair , Design Island, State Government , Mawson's Place, Waterside Pavilion, Hobart , 2006 (2006) [Curated Exhibition] 
Ancher, SJC, Chocoholic , Workshopped05, The Strand Arcade, Sydney , 2005 (2005) [Curated Exhibition] 
Ancher, SJC, Horny Bar Stool , Young Designers month , Henry Jones Art Hotel, Hunter Street, Hobart, 2005 (2005) [Curated Exhibition] 
Ancher, SJC, Design Island, Object - Australian Centre for Craft and Design, Sydney Opera House, TMAG, Design Centre, pp. 42-43 (2004) [Curated Exhibition] 
Ancher, SJC, Plied Rocker , Design Island, State Government , Sydney Opera House , 2004 (2004) [Curated Exhibition] 
Ancher, SJC, Rockin'Da Boat , Hobart City Council , TMAG (Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery), 2004 (2004) [Curated Exhibition] 
Ancher, SJC, Rockindaboat , Young Designers month , Mawson's Place, Waterside Pavilion, Hobart , 2004 (2004) [Curated Exhibition] 
Ancher, SJC, Low Shelf , Young Designers month , Mawson's Place, Waterside Pavilion, Hobart , 2003 (2003) [Curated Exhibition] 
Other Creative Work
Ancher, SJC, Plied Rocker, TMAG & Tasmanian Design Centre, Hobart & Launceston, pp. 1 (2006) [Acquisition] 
Other Public Output
Ancher, SJC, The Clarence Prize, The Clarence Prize, Clarence City Council, Hobart (2011) [Award] 
Pocock, CA and Stell, MK and Frost, L and Crozier, JM and Ancher, SJC, Living memory and the interpretation of heritage: Developing a multimedia interactive to record and store personal stories for use in heritage interpretation and research, CRC for Sustainable Tourism Pty Ltd, Gold Coast, Queensland, pp. 1-45. (2010) [Government or Industry Research] 

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