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Sahu, KC and Anderson, J and Casertano, S and Bond, HE and Udalski, A and Dominik, M and Calamida, A and Bellini, A and Brown, TM and Rejkuba, M and Bajaj, V and Kains, N and Ferguson, HC and Fryer, CL and Yock, P and Mroz, P and Kozlowski, S and Pietrukowicz, P and Poleski, R and Skowron, J and Soszynski, I and Szymanski, MK and Ulaczyk, K and Wyrzykowski, A and Barry, RK and Bennett, DP and Bond, IA and Hirao, Y and Silva, SI and Kondo, I and Koshimoto, N and Ranc, C and Rattenbury, NJ and Sumi, T and Suzuki, D and Tristram, PJ and Vandorou, A and Beaulieu, JP and Marquette, JB and Cole, A and Fouque, P and Hill, K and Dieters, S and Coutures, C and Dominis-Prester, D and Bennett, C and Bachelet, E and Menzies, J and Albrow, M and Pollard, K and Gould, A and Yee, JC and Allen, W and Allen, LA and Christie, G and Drummond, J and Gal-Yam, A and Gorbikov, E and Jablonski, F and Lee, CU and Maoz, D and Manulis, I and McCormick, J and Natusch, T and Pogge, RW and Shvartzvald, Y and Jorgensen, UG and Alsubai, KA and Andersen, MI and Bozza, V and Novati, SC and Burgdorf, M and Hinse, TC and Hundertmark, M and Husser, TO and Kerins, E and Longa-Pena, P and Mancini, L and Penny, M and Rahvar, S and Ricci, D and Sajadian, S and Skottfelt, J and Snodgrass, C and Southworth, J and Tregloan-Reed, J and Wambsganss, J and Wertz, O and Tsapras, Y and Street, RA and Bramich, DM and Horne, K and Steele, IA and Sahu, KC, OGLE Collaboration, MOA Collaboration, PLANET Collaboration, μFUN Collaboration, MiNDSTEp Consortium and RoboNet Collaboration, An Isolated Stellar-mass Black Hole Detected through Astrometric Microlensing, Astrophysical Journal, 933, (1) Article 83. ISSN 0004-637X (2022) [Refereed Article]

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