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Author: Hutchins, B (Dr Brett Hutchins)

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Journal Article
Hutchins, B, 'The Boy from Bowral': The Role of the Bush in the Legend of Sir Donald Bradman, Journal of Australian Studies, 29, (86) pp. 29-35. ISSN 1444-3058 (2006) [Refereed Article] 
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Hutchins, B, Social-Conservatism, Australian Politics and Cricket: The Timumvirate of Australian Prime Ministers John Howard, Sir Robert Menzies and Sir Donald Bradman, Journal of Australian Studies, 25, (67) pp. 56-66. ISSN 1444-3058 (2001) [Refereed Article] 
McKay, J and Hutchins, B and Mikosza, J, 'Shame and Scandal in the Family': Media Narratives of the IOC/SOCOG Scandal Matrix, Olympika: The International Journal of Olympic Studies, IX pp. 25-48. ISSN 1188-5963 (2000) [Refereed Article] 
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Hutchins, B, Mediated Violence: The Case of State of Origin Rugby League, Sporting Traditions, 13, (2) pp. 19-39. ISSN 0813-2577 (1997) [Refereed Article] 
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Hutchins, B, Don Bradman: Challenging the Myth, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom, pp. 216. ISBN 0521823846 (2002) [Authored Research Book] 
Chapter in Book
Hutchins, B, History Between the Modern and Postmodern, Deconstructing Sport History: The Postmodern Challenge, State University of New York Press, MG Phillips (ed), New York, pp. 55-75. ISBN 0791466108 (2013) [Revised Book Chapter] 
McKay, J and Mikosza, J and Hutchins, B, Masculinity, the Media and Men's Bodies, The Handbook of Men and Masculinities, Sage Publications, M Kimmel, RW Connell and J Hearn (ed), London, UK, pp. 270-289. (2005) [Research Book Chapter] 
Phillips, M and Hutchins, B and Stewart, B, The Media Sport Cultural Complex: Football and Fan Resistance in Australia, The Political Economy of Sport, Palgrave Macmillan, John Nauright, Kimberly Schimmel (ed), New York, pp. 85-103. ISBN 9780333773864 (2005) [Research Book Chapter] 
Hutchins, B, Unity, Difference and the 'National Game', Cricket in a Postcolonial Age, Birmingham University Press, S Wagg (ed), Birmingham, pp. 9-28. (2005) [Research Book Chapter] 
Hutchins, B and Phillips, MG, The Global Union: Globalization and the Rugby World Cup, Making the Rugby World: Race, Gender, Commerce, Frank Cass, J Nauright and T Chandler (ed), London, pp. 149-164. ISBN 0714648531 (1999) [Research Book Chapter] 
Hutchins, B, Sporting Violence: History, Theory, Context and Figurations, Violence and Sport: Australian Persepctives, Walla Walla Press, D Hemphill (ed), Melbourne, pp. 19-39. ISBN 0958707936 (1998) [Research Book Chapter] 
Other Public Output
Hutchins, B and Lester, L, Sport, the environment and climate change - A note from Australia, Play the Game, Danish Institute for Sports Studies, Denmark, 19 December 2017 (2017) [Magazine Article]

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