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Grimmer, EL, Re-inventing Central Launceston: Creating a vibrant and thriving regional city, Academy Gallery, School of Creative Arts, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania, 1 November 2017 (2017) [Media Interview]

Grimmer, EL, The Tasmanian Dilemma: Should I Stay or Should I Go?, Young alumni talk, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania, 21 November 2017 (2017) [Media Interview]

Wong, T and French, L and Wickham, M, An examination of the knowledge management process in the emerging Chinese hotel industry, Knowledge Management Strategies and Applications, InTech Publishers, M Mohiuddin, N Halilem, SMA Kobir and C Yuliang (ed), Croatia, pp. 240-251. ISBN 978-953-51-3617-0 (2017) [Research Book Chapter]

Wickham, MD and Backhouse, KM, Corporate governance in Australia, Corporate Governance: New Challenges and Opportunities, Virtus Interpress, Alexander N. Kostyuk, Udo Braendle and Vincenzo Capizzi (ed), Ukraine, pp. 73-86. ISBN 978-617-7309-00-9 (2017) [Research Book Chapter]

Russell, PS and Forbes, LK and Hocking, GC, The initiation of a planar fluid plume beneath a rigid lid, Journal of Engineering Mathematics, 106, (1) pp. 107-121. ISSN 0022-0833 (2017) [Refereed Article]

Trigwell, K and Prosser, M, Qualitative variation in constructive alignment in curriculum design, Higher Education: The International Journal of Higher Education and Educational Planning, 67, (2) pp. 141-154. ISSN 0018-1560 (2014) [Refereed Article]

Prosser, M and Sze, D, Problem-based learning: Student learning experiences and outcomes, Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics, 28, (1-2) pp. 131-142. ISSN 0269-9206 (2014) [Refereed Article]

Chan, LK and Ip, MSM and Patil, NG and Prosser, M, Learning needs in a medical curriculum in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Medical Journal, 67, (3) pp. 202-207. ISSN 1024-2708 (2011) [Refereed Article]

Yang, M and Webster, B and Prosser, M, xploring the Variation in First Year Undergraduates' Induction into Their Academic Disciplines, International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 5, (1) pp. 1-18. ISSN 1931-4744 (2011) [Refereed Article]

Darian-Smith, k and Edmonds, P, War, Colonialism and the Emotions in Australian History, Australian Historical Studies, 48, (1) pp. 1-2. ISSN 1031-461X (2017) [Letter or Note in Journal]

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