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Stack, KR and Yaqoob, N and Ngwenya, E and Lewis, TW and Richardson, DE, Effect of composition and process variables on colloidal stability of Pinus radiata wood extractives, Fibre Value Chain 2017 Conference Technical Papers, 14-16 November 2017, Melbourne, pp. 107-115. ISBN 9780987168498 (2017) [Refereed Conference Paper]

Michael, PE and Thomson, R and Barbraud, C and Delord, K and De Grissac, S and Hobday, AJ and Strutton, PG and Tuck, GN and Weimerskirch, H and Wilcox, C, Illegal fishing bycatch overshadows climate as a driver of albatross population decline, Marine Ecology Progress Series, 579 pp. 185-199. ISSN 0171-8630 (2017) [Refereed Article]

Sjafjell, B and Nilsen, HR and Richardson, BJ, Investing in sustainability or feeding on stranded assets? The Norwegian government pension fund global, Wake Forest Law Review, 52 pp. 101-131. ISSN 0043-003X (2017) [Refereed Article]

Arzhannikov, SG and Ivanov, AV and Arzhannikova, AV and Demonterova, EI and Jansen, JD and Preusser, F and Kamenetsky, VS and Kamenetsky, MB, Catastrophic events in the Quaternary outflow history of Lake Baikal, Earth Science Reviews, 177 pp. 76-113. ISSN 0012-8252 (2018) [Refereed Article]

Stepanov, S and Meffre, S and Zhukova, I, P357 U-Pb zircon geochronology: report 1 for Anglo-American, May 2017, CODES Technology Services, Hobart, Tasmania, 09 May (2017) [Report of Restricted Access]

Hyder, K and Weltersbach, MS and Armstrong, M and Ferter, K and Townhill, B and Ahvonen, A and Arlinghaus, R and Baikov, A and Bellanger, M and Birzaks, J and Borch, T and Cambie, G and de Graaf, M and Diogo, HMC and Dziemian, L and Gordoa, A and Grzebielec, R and Hartill, B and Kagervall, A and Kapiris, K and Karlsson, M and Klieven, AR and Lejk, AM and Levrel, H and Lovell, S and Lyle, J and Moilanen, P and Morales-Nin, B and Mugerza, E and Martinez, R and O'Reilly, P and Olesen, HJ and Papadopoulous, A and Pita, P and Radford, Z and Radtke, K and Roche, W and Rocklin, D and Ruiz, J and Scougal, C and Silvestri, R and Skov, C and Steinback, S and Sundelof, A and Svagzdys, A and Turnbull, D and van der Hammen, T and van Voorhees, D and van Winsen, F and Verleye, T and Veiga, P and Volstad, J-H and Zarauz, L and Zolubas, T and Strehlow, HV, Recreational sea fishing in Europe in a global context participation rates, fishing effort, expenditure, and implications for monitoring and assessment, Fish and Fisheries pp. 1-19. ISSN 1467-2960 (2017) [Refereed Article]

Stepanov, S and Meffre, S and Zhukova, I, P356 U-Pb zircon geochronology: report 3 for Anglo-American, April 2017, CODES Technology Services, Hobart, Tasmania, 21 April (2017) [Report of Restricted Access]

Harman, KE, The New Zealand convicts shipped across the Tasman, Nights, Radio New Zealand, New Zealand, 14 November 2017 (2017) [Media Interview]

Carey, R and Orth, K and Chadwick, B, New frontiers and technologies in submarine volcanism research, Eos, 20 October ISSN 0096-3941 (2017) [Other Review]

Simmons, JM and Cas, RAF and Druitt, TH and Carey, RJ, The initiation and development of a caldera-forming Plinian eruption (172 ka Lower Pumice 2 eruption, Santorini, Greece), Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 341 pp. 332-350. ISSN 0377-0273 (2017) [Refereed Article]

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