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Chand, D and Mohan, P, Impact of school locality on teaching and learning: a qualitative inquiry, Waikato Journal of Education, 24, (2) pp. 65-72. ISSN 2382-0373 (2019) [Refereed Article]
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MacDonald, A, Art and teaching converge in a day of creativity at Inveresk, Communications, University of Tasmania, Tasmania, Australia, 22 November 2019 (2019) [Internal Newsletter]
MacDonald, A, University's program keeps art teachers' skills sharp, The Educator Higher Education, Key Media, Sydney, Australia, 2 December 2019 (2019) [Magazine Article]
MacDonald, AJ, International Teaching Artists Collaborative (ITAC) Think Tank: Teaching artists and artists teaching, ITAC Think Tank: Teaching artists and artists teaching, 26 November 2019, Online (2019) [Plenary Presentation]
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Grant, R and Beasy, K, Homonormativity and Celebrating Diversity: Australian School Staff Involvement in Gay-Straight Alliances, Proceedings of The Australian Sociological Association Conference, 25 - 28 November 2019, Parramatta City ISBN 978-0-6482210-2-9 (2019) [Conference Extract]
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Rose, RW and Rose, RK, Thylogale billardierii (Diprotodontia: Macropodidae), Mammalian Species, 50, (965) pp. 100-108. ISSN 0076-3519 (2018) [Refereed Article]
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Auman, HJ and Walsh, PH and Virtue, P and Olivier, F and Carnell, S and Cooper, K and Masters, D and Mausz, G and Muir Wilson, T, Vanishing Point: an art/science collaboration and exhibition on the impact of microplastics in our oceans, Makers' Space, Burnie (2019) [Other Exhibition]
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