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About UTAS eCite RODA Server

UTAS eCite RODA Server (version 5.0.0) is a public interface to the Research Output Digital Assets (RODA) of the University of Tasmania. If you are interested in the technical details of eCite please read on.

eCite is a component of a custom application server written in C. The application server accesses an Oracle database via the Oracle Call Interface. Research output metadata collection and document uploads take place in individual schools through an integrated interface. Full text indexing is handled by the Oracle database. Details of authors and their affiliation are validated and linked with the author record in addition to a free text author name. This allows all publications associated with an individual author to be easily identified irrespective of the name used on the publication. The same association can be made with other research activity (such as grant income) so that a complete research portfolio can be established for an individual. You can view an authors WARP portfolio by clicking on their full name wherever outputs by author are listed.

eCite uses Ghostscript and ImageMagick for the generation of document previews and image thumbnails, and the GeoIP database from Software77 to determine country of origin for the statistics tables. Site statistics are gathered by Google Analytics (restricted access only).

UTAS eCite RODA Server supports the OAI 2.0 with a base URL of

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