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Matthiasweilite, PbTe4+O3, a New Tellurite Mineral from the Delamar Mine, Lincoln County, Nevada, USA


Kampf, AR and Missen, OP and Mills, SJ and Ma, C and Housley, R and Chorazewicz, M and Marty, J and Coolbaugh, MF and Momma, K, Matthiasweilite, PbTe4+O3, a New Tellurite Mineral from the Delamar Mine, Lincoln County, Nevada, USA, The Canadian Mineralogist, 60, (5) pp. 805-814. ISSN 1499-1276 (2022) [Refereed Article]

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DOI: doi:10.3749/canmin.2200015


Matthiasweilite (IMA2021-069), Pb2+Te4+O3, is a new mineral discovered at the Delamar mine, Lincoln County, Nevada, USA. It is a secondary mineral, associated with adanite, choloalite, northstarite, and other oxysalts in a quartz-rich matrix, that developed in an altered primary ore along with altaite, tetrahedrite-(Zn), native gold, and other sulfides and selenides. The mineral occurs as tightly intergrown masses of light yellow crystals. The streak is white, luster is adamantine, Mohs hardness is 2, tenacity is brittle, and fracture is conchoidal; no obvious cleavage is present. The calculated density is 7.282 g/cm3 for the empirical formula. Data from electron probe microanalysis and assuming O = 3 gives the empirical formula Pb0.99Te4+1.01O3. Matthiasweilite is triclinic, space group P, with cell parameters a = 7.0256(4), b = 10.6345(6), c = 11.9965(8) , α = 78.513(6), β = 83.104(6), γ = 84.083(6), V = 869.10(9) 3, and Z = 10. The crystal structure (R1 = 0.0523 for 3416 I > 2σI reflections) consists of Te4+O3 trigonal pyramids that are linked via relatively short (<2.6 ) PbO bonds to form a framework.

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Keywords:matthiasweilite, new mineral, tellurite, crystal structure, Raman spectrum, Delamar mine, Lincoln County, Nevada, USA
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UTAS Author:Missen, OP (Dr Owen Missen)
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Year Published:2022
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