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One hundred new species of lichenized fungi: A signature of undiscovered global diversity


Lumbsch, HT and Ahti, T and Altermann, S and de Paz, GA and Aptroot, A and Arup, U and Pena, AB and Bawingan, PA and Benatti, MN and Betancourt, L and Bjork, CR and Boonpragob, K and Brand, M and Bungartz, F and Caceres, MES and Candan, M and Chaves, JL and Clerc, P and Common, R and Coppins, BJ and Crespo, A and Dal-Forno, M and Divakar, PK and Duya, MV and Elix, JA and Elvebakk, A and Fankhauser, JD and Farkas, E and Ferraro, LI and Fischer, E and Galloway, DJ and Gaya, E and Giralt, M and Goward, T and Grube, M and Hafellner, J and Hernandez, JE and Herrera Campos, MLA and Kalb, K and Karnefelt, I and Kantvilas, G and Killmann, D and Kirika, P and Knudsen, K and Komposch, H and Kondratyuk, S and Lawrey, JD and Mangold, A and Marcelli, MP and McCune, B and Messuti, MI and Michlig, A and Gonzalez, RM and Moncada, B and Naikatini, A and Nelsen, MP and Ovstedal, DO and Palice, Z and Papong, K and Parnmen, S and Parez-Ortega, S and Printzen, C and Rico, VJ and Plata, ER and Robayo, J and Rosabal, D and Ruprecht, U and Allen, NS and Sancho, L and de Jesus, LS and Vieira, TS and Schultz, M and Seaward, MRD and Sarusiaux, E and Schmitt, I and Sipman, HJM and Sohrabi, M and Sochting, U and Sogaard, MZ and Sparrius, LB and Spielmann, A and Spribille, T and Sutjaritturakan, J and Thammathaworn, A and Thell, A and Thor, G and Thus, H and Timdal, E and Truong, C and Turk, R and Tenorio, LU and Upreti, DK and Boom, PVD and Rebuelta, MV and Wedin, M and Will-Wolf, S and Wirth, V and Wirtz, N and Yahr, R and Yeshitela, K and Ziemmeck, F and Wheeler, T and Lucking, R, One hundred new species of lichenized fungi: A signature of undiscovered global diversity, Phytotaxa, 18 pp. 1-127. ISSN 1179-3155 (2011) [Refereed Article]

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The number of undescribed species of lichenized fungi has been estimated at roughly 10,000. Describing and cataloging these would take the existing number of taxonomists several decades; however, the support for taxonomy is in decline worldwide. In this paper we emphasize the dire need for taxonomic expertise in lichenology. We bring together 103 colleagues from institutions worldwide to describe a total of 100 new species of lichenized fungi, representing a wide taxonomic and geographic range. The newly described species are: Acarospora flavisparsa, A. janae, Aderkomyces thailandicus, Amandinea maritima, Ampliotrema cocosense, Anomomorpha lecanorina, A. tuberculata, Aspicilia mansourii, Bacidina sorediata, Badimia multiseptata, B. vezdana, Biatora epirotica, Buellia sulphurica, Bunodophoron pinnatum, Byssoloma spinulosum, Calopadia cinereopruinosa, C. editae, Caloplaca brownlieae, C. decipioides, C. digitaurea, C. magnussoniana, C. mereschkowskiana, C. yorkensis, Calvitimela uniseptata, Chapsa microspora, C. psoromica, C. rubropulveracea, C. thallotrema, Chiodecton pustuliferum, Cladonia mongkolsukii, Clypeopyrenis porinoides, Coccocarpia delicatula, Coenogonium flammeum, Cresponea ancistrosporelloides, Crocynia microphyllina, Dictyonema hernandezii, D. hirsutum, Diorygma microsporum, D. sticticum, Echinoplaca pernambucensis, E. schizidiifera, Eremithallus marusae, Everniastrum constictovexans, Fellhanera borbonica, Fibrillithecis sprucei, Fissurina astroisidiata, F. nigrolabiata, F. subcomparimuralis, Graphis caribica, G. cerradensis, G. itatiaiensis, G. marusa, Gyalideopsis chicaque, Gyrotrema papillatum, Harpidium gavilaniae, Hypogymnia amplexa, Hypotrachyna guatemalensis, H. indica, H. lueckingii, H. paracitrella, H. paraphyscioides, H. parasinuosa, Icmadophila eucalypti, Krogia microphylla, Lecanora mugambii, L. printzenii, L. xanthoplumosella, Lecidea lygommella, Lecidella greenii, Lempholemma corticola, Lepraria sekikaica, Lobariella sipmanii, Megalospora austropacifica, M. galapagoensis, Menegazzia endocrocea, Myriotrema endoflavescens, Ocellularia albobullata, O. vizcayensis, Ochrolechia insularis, Opegrapha viridipruinosa, Pannaria phyllidiata, Parmelia asiatica, Pertusaria conspersa, Phlyctis psoromica, Placopsis imshaugii, Platismatia wheeleri, Porina huainamdungensis, Ramalina hyrcana, R. stoffersii, Relicina colombiana, Rhizocarpon diploschistidina, Sticta venosa, Sagenidiopsis isidiata, Tapellaria albomarginata, Thelotrema fijiense, Tricharia nigriuncinata, Usnea galapagona, U. pallidocarpa, Verrucaria rhizicola, and Xanthomendoza rosmarieae. In addition, three new combinations are proposed: Fibrillithecis dehiscens, Lobariella botryoides, and Lobariella pallida .

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Year Published:2011
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